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Fairchild Semiconductor is the leading supplier of power semiconductors to the world. By nature, our products optimize system power thereby helping our customers and end-product consumers reduce energy consumption and reduce their global environmental footprint. Energy efficiency is our business. We are dedicated to protecting the environment, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and utilizing industry leading manufacturing practices for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Mark Thompson - President and CEO


Fairchild Products that Drive Energy Efficiency


Environmental concerns are driving the need for lead-free devices and Green manufacturing processes. The products you receive from Fairchild Semiconductor are compliant with RoHS and lead-free requirements, and meet environmental, health and safety standards. Our Green manufacturing processes ensure the products you order also contribute to a Greener environment.

What's Fairchild doing to reduce energy consumption?

  • Installed variable speed motors, shut off equipment when not in use, timers on lights, utilize on-demand heating and cooling, modified temperature sensors in office buildings, installed sky lights, installed CFL/LFL light bulbs in buildings
  • Using 1000 blocks of 100kwh per month of wind energy at our Utah facility
  • Philippines site reduced energy consumption by 40.8 percent from 1998 – 2007
  • Internet Technology/Servers
    • Replacing and consolidating servers as their serviceable life ends with newer, smaller and more energy-efficient servers
    • Reduced power consumption by 43 percent between 2004 to 2007
  • Water usage
    • Monitor and record the rates of water usage on a site-by-site basis
    • Reduced water usage by over 53 million gallons from 2000 through 2007
  • Recycled non-hazardous material
    • 2000 through 2007 = 38,676 tons

Energy and Environmental Design

Fairchild Semiconductor's Energy and Environmental Design Team is chartered to identify energy-conservation projects at its major manufacturing sites worldwide. This meets on a regular basis to share best practices and suggestions on fostering corporate responsibility, reducing operating costs through energy conservation and reducing the impact on the climate.

Environmental Management

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