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Application Note Functions Products Description
AN-6208 Secondary-Side Synchronous Rectifier (SR) for LLC Resonant Converter Using FAN6208
AN-4138 Design Considerations for Battery Charger Using Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-6067 Design and Application of Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) PWM Controller
AN-6300 FAN6300/A/H Highly Integrated Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller
AN-8035 Design Consideration for Boundary Conduction Mode Power Factor Correction (PFC) Using FAN7930
AN-6206 Primary-Side Synchronous Rectifier (SR) Trigger Solution for Dual-Forward Converter
AN-6961 Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller
AN-6203 Applying SG6203 to Control a Synchronous Rectifier of a Flyback Power Supply
AN-9730 LED Application Design Guide Using Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter for 160W Street Lighting
AN-4129 Green Current Mode PWM Controller FAN7601
AN-4107 Design of Power Factor Correction Using FAN7527
AN-9015 A180W, 100KHz Forward Converter Using QFET®
AN-9008 The Use of QFET® in Flyback Converter
AN-4146 Design Guidelines for Quasi-Resonant Converters Using FSCQ-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-42034 Synchronizing the ML4824 to Wide Frequency Ranges
AN-4121 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using FAN7527B
AN-8025 Design Guideline of Single-Stage Flyback AC-DC Converter Using FAN7530 for LED Lighting
AN-6075 Compact Green-Mode Adapter Using FSQ500L for Low Cost
AN-4150 Design Guidelines for Flyback Converters Using FSQ-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-6027 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using FAN7530
AN-6073 FAN6751 Highly Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller
AN-4149 Design Guidelines for Quasi-Resonant Converters Using KA5Q-series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-6026 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using FAN7529
AN-6004 500W Power-Factor-Corrected (PFC) Converter Design with FAN4810
AN-9017 Manufacturing Technology of a Small Capacity Inverter Using a Fairchild IGBT
AN-6032 FAN4800 Combo Controller Applications
AN-8026 FAN9611 / FAN9612 400W 1-Layer Evaluation Board User Guide (FEB301)
AN-6014 Green Current Mode PWM Controller FAN7602
A Combined Single-Pulse and Repetitive UIS Rating System
AN-9010 MOSFET Basics
AN-4163 Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFET Datasheet Explanation
Driving and Layout Design for Fast Switching Super-Junction MOSFETs
AN-9034 Power MOSFET Avalanche Guideline
AN-8018 FAN9612 400W 4-Layer Evaluation Board User Guide (FEB279) OBSOLETE! FEB279 Replaced by FEB388
AN-8021 Building Variable Output Voltage Boost PFC Converters with the FAN9612 Interleaved BCM PFC Controller
AN-5241 Guidelines for Pb-Free Soldering of Fairchild Components Based on JEDEC® J-STD 20D / IEC EN 61760-1:2006
AN-9052 Design Guide for Selection of Bootstrap Components
AN-7012 FPF2100/7 Evaluation Board Users Guide
AN-7008 FPF200X Evaluation Module
AN-4137 Design Guidelines for Offline Flyback Converters using FPS™
AN-6920MR Integrated Critical-Mode PFC / Quasi-Resonant Current-Mode PWM Controller FAN6920
AN-9717 FAN9611/12 400W Interleaved Dual BCM PFC Evaluation Board User Guide (FEB388)
AN-8033 Design Guideline for Primary Side Regulated (PSR) Flyback Converter Using FAN103 and FSEZ13X7
AN-FEBFAN104WMX User Guide for FEBFAN104WMX-T06U005A Evaluation Board
AN-6093 Design Guideline for Flyback Charger Using FAN104WMX
AN-42036 PCB Grounding System and FAN2001/FAN2011 High Performance DC-DC Converters
AN-8022 TinyCalc™ Users Guide
AN-9049 Assembly Guidelines for Fairchilds TinyBuck™ Packaging
AN-6033 Component Calculations & Simulation Tools for FAN2106
AN-FEBFAN23XX_LVA User Guide for FEBFAN23XX_LVA Evaluation Board
AN-4162 Switch Node Ring Control in TinyBuck® Regulators
AN-FEBFAN23SV04T_LVA User Guide for FAN23SV04T_LVA Evaluation Board
AN-5074 FAN23SV04T High-Efficiency Tracking Regulator Provides VDDQ Tracking VTT Supply or Programmable Tracking Ratio
AN-600 Understanding Latch-up in Advanced CMOS Logic
AN-6094 AN-6094 Design Guideline for Flyback Charger Using FAN302HL/UL
AN-6069 Application Review and Comparative Evaluation of Low-Side Gate Driver
AN-400A Low-Power Green-Mode PWM Flyback Power Controller without Secondary Feedback
AN-8027 FAN480X PFC+PWM Combination Controller Application
AN-42047 Power Factor Correction (PFC) Basics
AN-6982 Power Factor Correction Converter Design with FAN6982
AN-6008 FAN4810 Design Tools
AN-FEBFAN48610_M00LPOLA User Guide for FEBFAN48610_M00LPOLA Evaluation Board
Limiting Cross-Conduction Current in Synchronous Buck Converter Designs
AN-6010 FAN5069 Component Calculation and Simulation Tools
AN-6002 Component Calculations and Simulation Tools for FAN5234 or FAN5236
AN-9720 Power Path Implementation Tradeoffs, Featuring the FAN5400 Family of PWM Battery Chargers
AN-9721 Li-Ion Battery Charging Basics, Featuring the FAN5400 / FAN5420 Family of PWM Battery Chargers
AN-6204 FAN6204 - Synchronous Rectification Controller for Flyback and Forward Freewheeling Rectification
AN-6224 Applying FAN6224 for Flyback and Forward Freewheeling Rectification
AN-FEB_FAN6224 User Guide for FEBFAN6224M_CP01 Evaluation Board
AN-6747 Applying FAN6747 to Control a Flyback Power Supply with Peak Current Output
AN-6754A Design Guideline to Replace SG6742 with FAN6754A
AN-6755 Design Guideline to Replace FAN6753 with FAN6755W
AN-6756 Applying FAN6756 to Control a Flyback Power Supply with Ultra-Low Standby Power
AN-6083 Highly Integrated, Dual-PWM Combination Controller
AN-6921 Integrated Critical Mode PFC / Quasi-Resonant
AN-1029 Maximum Power Enhancement Techniques for SO-8 Power MOSFETs
AN-1032 Performance Restrictions Associated with 3.5 Watts SO-8 Power MOSFETs
AN-8102 Recommendations to Avoid Short Pulse Width Issues in HVIC Gate Driver Applications
AN-4171 FAN7085 High-Side Gate Driver- Internal Recharge Path Design Considerations
AN-9765 LED Backlight Driving Boost Switch
AN-FEBFAN7631_L17U120A User Guide for FEBFAN7631_L17U120A
AN-6076 Design and Application Guide of Bootstrap Circuit for High-Voltage Gate-Drive IC
AN-6086 Design Consideration for Interleaved Boundary Conduction Mode PFC Using FAN9611 / FAN9612
AN-4151 Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Design Using FSFR-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-9738 Design Guideline on 150W Power Supply for LED Street Lighting Design Using FL7930B and FAN7621S
AN-8019 Reliable USB Modem Design Using the Combination of an Integrated Load Switch and a Buck Converter
AN-8023 Negative Voltage Management Using a FAN8303 Buck Regulator
AN-9754 FAN9611, 300W (FEBFAN9611_S01U300A), Low-Profile , PFC Evaluation Board User Guide
AN-9732 LED Application Design Guide Using BCM Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller for 200W Lighting System
AN-9731 LED Application Design Guide Using BCM Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller for 100W Lighting System
AN-FEBFAN9673_B01H2500A User Guide for FEBFAN9673_B01H2500A Evaluation Board
AN-FEBFAN9673_B01H5000A User Guide for FEBFAN9673_B01H5000A Evaluation Board
AN-4165 Design Guideline for 3-Channel Interleaved CCM PFC Using the FAN9673 5 kW CCM PFC Controller
AN-4164 Design Guideline for 3-Channel Interleaved CCM PFC Using the FAN9673 2.5 kW CCM PFC Controller
AN-9091 Boost PFC Inductor Design Guide for PFC SPMв Series
AN-9068 Gate Resistor Design Guidelines for SupreMOS®
AN-9067 Analysis of MOSFET Failure Modes in LLC Resonant Converter
AN-8201 FCM8201 Three-Phase Sine-Wave BLDC Motor Controller
AN-8202 FCM8531 User Manual Hardware Description
AN-8203 FCM8531 User Manual Instruction Set
AN-8207 MCDS IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
AN-8204 AMC Library: Speed Integral
AN-8205 AMC Library Hall Interface
AN-FEBFCM8531_B01H300A User Guide for FEBFCM8531_B01H300A Evaluation Board
AN-8206 AMC Library: Sliding Mode
AN-9066 UniFET™ Optimized Switch for Discontinuous Current Mode Power Factor Correction
AN-6099 New PowerTrench® MOSFET with Shielded Gate Technology Increases System Efficiency and Power Density in Synchronous Rectification Applications
AN-1030 Design with MOSFET Load Switch
AN-9048 Assembly Guidelines for Fairchilds 6x6 DriverMOS Packaging
AN-9050 FDMF6704 Power Loss Calculation
AN-9037 Assembly Guidelines for 8x8 MLP DriverMOS Packaging
AN-1028 Maximum Power Enhancement Techniques for SOT-223 Power MOSFETs
AN-9045 WLCSP Assembly Guidelines
AN-9745 Design Guide for TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver Using FL7730
AN-6024 Understanding Analog Video Signal Clamps, Bias, DC-Restore, and AC or DC Coupling Methods
AN-9079 SPM® 2 Series Thermal Performance by Mounting Torque
AN-9076 New SPM® 2 Package Mounting Guidance
AN-9075 Smart Power Module, Motion 1200 V SPM 2 Series User Guide
AN-9070 Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in SPM45H
AN-9072 Smart Power Module Motion SPM&174; in SPM45H Mounting Guidance
AN-9760 PCB Design Guidance for SPM®
AN-9071 Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in SPM45H Thermal Performance Information
AN-9090 PFC SPM® 3 Series Ver. 2 for Boost PFC Topology
AN-9041 PFCM Design Guide with Analog PFC IC
AN-8020 Integrated Slew Rate Controlled Switch Optimizing 1V Core in Mobile Systems
AN-9047 Assembly Guidelines for MicroFET-6 Packaging
AN-9748 The Smallest Integrated Slew Rate Switch for Peripheral Load Management in Smart Phones and Tablet PCs
AN-7007 Simplifying Portable Power Management and Protection Circuit Design Using the FPF200X Integrated Switch Product Family
AN-9761 Fully Integrated Input Power Path Management Switch for Dual-Battery Portable System
AN-9021 A Novel IGBT Inverter Module for Low-Power Drive Applications
AN-9043 Smart Power Module DIP SPM® Users Guide
AN-9752 Design Guidelines for New-Generation FPS™ FSB-Series
AN-FEBFSB127H_T001 User Guide for FEBFSB127H_T001 Evaluation Board
AN-9035 Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in SPM3 Users Guide
AN-9082 Motion SPM® 5 Series Thermal Performance Information by Contact Pressure
AN-9042 Smart Power Module Tiny-DIP SPM® Users Guide
AN-9080 Motion SPM® 5 Series Version 2 User’s Guide
AN-9078 Surface Mount Guidelines for Motion SPM 7 Series
AN-9077 Motion SPM 7 Series User’s Guide
AN-9044 Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in Mini DIP SPM®
AN-8024 Applying Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) FSBH-series to Standby Auxiliary Power Supply
AN-4153 Designing Asymmetric PWM Half-Bridge Converters with a Current Doubler and Synchronous Rectifier using FSFA-Series Fairchild Power Switches (FPS™)
AN-4148 Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications
AN-4141 Troubleshooting and Design Tips for Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) Flyback Applications
AN-4140 Transformer Design Consideration for Offline Flyback Converters Using Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-9719 Applying Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) FSL1x7 to Low-Power Supplies
AN-FEBFSL306LRN User Guide for FEBFSL306LRN_CS01U02A Evaluation Board
AN-4159 Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL336LR
AN-6861 Applying FAN6861 to Control a Flyback Power Supply with Surge Current Output
AN-4116 A Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) based on Switched Mode Power Supply for LCD Monitor Use
AN-1031 Considerations in Designing the Printed Circuit Boards of Embedded Switching Power Supplies
AN-42045 ML4824, A Novel Method for an Off-Line PFC-PWM Combo Controller
AN-42009 ML4824 Combo Controller Applications
AN-5841 Applying SG5841 to Control a Flyback Power Supply
AN-6077 SG6742 - Highly Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller
AN-6846 Applying SG6846 to Control a Flyback Power Supply with Surge Current Output
AN-6858 Applying SG6858 to Control a Flyback Power Supply
"Shoot-through" in Synchronous Buck Converters
Design Guideline to Replace SG6742 with FAN6754
How to Determine Thermal Resistance for a Power Semiconductor Heat Sink in an SMPS
Design Guidelines for RCD Snubber of Flyback Converters
Applying SG6902 to Control a CCM PFC and Flyback/PWM Power Supply
Synchronous Buck MOSFET Loss Calculations with Excel Model
Safety, EMI and RFI Considerations
PCB Land Pattern Design and Surface Mount Guidelines for MicroFET™ Packages
Implementing A Primary Side Peak-Current-Mode Half-Bridge Converter
Using the FDMS2380 Dual Integrated Solenoid Driver
Low Drop Out, Phase Margin, and Stability
Electromagnetic Compatibility for Power Converters
Using Integrated Modules to Improve Efficiency, Reliability and Size of Home Appliance Motor Drives
Practical Considerations of Trench MOSFET Stability when Operating in Linear Mode
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