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Analog & Mixed Signal (77)

Application Note Functions Products Description
AN-3006 Optically Isolated Phase Controlling Circuit Solution
AN-4138 Design Considerations for Battery Charger Using Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-6059 Application Guide for FSHDMI08 Target Applications and Switch Overview
AN-8025 Design Guideline of Single-Stage Flyback AC-DC Converter Using FAN7530 for LED Lighting
AN-9017 Manufacturing Technology of a Small Capacity Inverter Using a Fairchild IGBT
AN-5241 Guidelines for Pb-Free Soldering of Fairchild Components Based on JEDEC® J-STD 20D / IEC EN 61760-1:2006
AN-5026 Using BGA Packages
AN-5010 IEEE 1284 Interface Design Solutions
AN-8039 Using the FDDS100H06_F085 in Automotive Systems
AN-138 Using the CMOS Dual Monostable Multivibrator
AN-4137 Design Guidelines for Offline Flyback Converters using FPS™
AN-9738 Design Guideline on 150W Power Supply for LED Street Lighting Design Using FL7930B and FAN7621S
LVDS Compatibility with RS422 and RS485 Interface Standards
LVDS Technology Solves Typical EMI Problems Associated with Cell Phone Cameras and Displays
LVDS Reduces EMI
LVDS: Calculating Driver/Receiver Power
LVDS Fundamentals
AN-5047 Live Insertion Using Low Voltage Differential Signaling
AN-5029 Interfacing Between PECL and LVDS Differential Technologies
AN-5048 System Clock Distribution Example Using LVDS
AN-5046 LVDS Receiver Failsafe Biasing Networks
AN-5058 µSerDes™ Family Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
AN-5061 µSerDes™ Layout Guidelines
AN-5053 Using Fairchild µSerDes™ Devices with a Synchronous Pixel Interface
AN-6031 Using SPI Read and Write with the µSerDes™ FIN324C
AN-6047 FIN324C Reset and Standby
AN-6024 Understanding Analog Video Signal Clamps, Bias, DC-Restore, and AC or DC Coupling Methods
AN-6041 PCB Layout Considerations for Video Filter / Drivers
AN-6039 Board Layout Techniques for High-Performance Amplifiers
AN-8007 FMS6143 Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-8008 FMS6145 Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-8009 FMS6146 Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-8005 FMS6151 NoSAG/SAG Applications
AN-8017 FMS6151 Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-8010 FMS6363 Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-8006 Capacitor Selection for the FMS6410B S-Video Filter
AN-6029 FMS6410B Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-8015 FMS6501 Evaluation Board Application Note
AN-5064 Low-ICCT Analog Switches for Ultra-Portable Designs
AN-5064TC Low Icct Analog Switches for Ultra-Portable Designs (Traditional Chinese)
AN-8032 FSA2000 Quick Start Guide
AN-8031 Utilizing the FSA2000 MUTE Function to Reduce Audio “Click” and “Pop”
AN-6044 Pop Suppression Techniques Using Analog Switches
AN-9073 High-Speed USB Switch Layout Considerations
AN-248 Electrostatic Discharge Prevention-Input Protection Circuits and Handling Guide for CMOS Devices
AN-504 FSA3357 Single Pole/Triple Throw Eliminates Second Single Pole/Double Throw and Reduces Board Space
AN-6095 D-PHY MIPI Switches in Multi-Camera / Multi-Display Applications
AN-8037 FSA642 - Evaluation Board User Guide
AN-9074 Using FSA800 and FSA805 in Applications with Two High-Speed USB Ports
AN-502 FSAL200 LAN Switch Reduces Component Cost for Laptop PCs Using Docking Stations
AN-6015TC FSHDMI04 Applications Guide (Traditional Chinese)
AN-6015 FSHDMI04 - Applications Guide
AN-503 Multiple Display Load Isolation Using the FSAV330
AN-5065 Wide-bandwidth Video Switches Solve High Resolution Video Design Challenges
AN-4148 Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications
AN-4141 Troubleshooting and Design Tips for Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) Flyback Applications
AN-4140 Transformer Design Consideration for Offline Flyback Converters Using Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-5007 An Introduction to Fairchild Switch Products
AN-996 Using the Fairchild Switch as a 5V to 3V Translator
AN-5008 FSTU - Undershoot Protected Fairchild Switch Family
AN-5021 Bus Switch Undershoot Protection: Which Systems Need this Protection and Why
AN-6019 Fairchild Analog Switch Products ESD Test Methodology Overview
AN-6022 Using the FSUSB30 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements
AN-6018 Fairchild USB Switch Advantage
AN-6022TC Using the FSUSB30/31 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements Traditional Chinese
AN-8030 TinyLogic® MicroPak2™ Package Applications Guide
AN-9716 Reset Timers
AN-9740 Bi-Directional Translator Architectures
AN-9012 Induction Heating System Topology Review
AN-88 CMOS Linear Applications
AN-5044 Analog Switches with -2V Undershoot Protection
AN-5015 USB1T11A Transceiver and Specification Compliance
AN-5052 Implementing the Physical Layer in a USB 2.0 Compliant System
Analog Switch Evaluation Board User Guide
Using the VBB Reference on High Speed LVDS Repeaters
Improve Your Design with the Adoption of High-Speed USB Switches
Video and Cable Driving Fundamentals
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