Analog & Power Technologies for Mobile Designs

Fairchild is a mobile technology leader, offering an unmatched portfolio of analog and power technologies in both standard and customized semiconductor products for mobile applications. Our IP is inside virtually every smart phone in the world, and we ship more than 3 billion units per year to handset and tablet OEMs.

When you partner with Fairchild, you get the industry's shortest time to get from idea to silicon, regional design teams and FAEs for customer support, and a flexible, multi-source supply chain. Backed by top-to-bottom organizational commitment that supports mobile initiatives, you can count on Fairchild to get you to market on time, and in volume.

Typical End System Applications

  • Mobile Handsets (Smart Phones / Feature Phones) — Our products address the design challenges of the major sub-systems of a mobile handset, from baseband support to the power architecture, helping designers comply with specific voltage, current and signal requirements and standards such as MHL™, HS-USB, and battery charging 1.2 specifications.
  • Tablets (Tablets / Media Players) — As power requirements increase, and to keep pace with added functionalities, there are challenges in providing higher power density and efficiency in less board space. Fairchild combines mobile architecture and functional expertise with packaging and form factor advantages to help you differentiate your designs.
  • Music Players — Fairchild's expertise in the development of mobile solutions for music players, such as MP3 devices, helps reduce design time and enrich the end-user experience. What makes Fairchild unique is our ability to listen and then respond – creating and delivering the differentiated, value-added solutions you need.
  • USB — Fairchild Semiconductor offers a wide portfolio of USB products that help to maximize the functionality of a USB port. From switching to detection and protection, our product solutions support data exchange and charging.
  • Power Supply Chargers — A lighter, smaller charger for portable devices is one of the most critical challenges for charger designers. Fairchild provides semiconductor solutions that can help reduce the size of chargers for mobile or portable devices while also achieving excellent energy savings performance.

Sub-System Block Diagrams

Select the sub system below that you are interested in, to see related block diagrams and product solution information.

Why Choose Our Solutions for Your Mobile Designs

  • What makes Fairchild unique is our ability to listen, and then respond. We create and deliver the differentiated, value-added solutions you need. We get you to market faster. And, no one will work harder for your success.
  • Our IP is routinely incorporated into chipset reference designs because we offer leading-edge capabilities that enhance the value of chipset solutions. Our broad portfolio doesn't compete with system-level ICs. And, we facilitate chipset adoption due to our established relationships with handset OEMs.
  • Fairchild solutions are used by every major handset manufacturer because we offer technical expertise to differentiate designs, enhance the user experience and sell more phones. Our chipset partnerships and engineering support get new modes to market faster, on time, and in volume.
  • Fairchild offers a wide range of die and wafer products to meet your design solutions.
  • Our Global Mobile Resource Center (GMRC) offers you access to our technical experts and provides compliance testing services and technology solutions.

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