Motor Control

Fairchild Semiconductor has the integrated and discrete semiconductor device solutions for your consumer and industrial motor control applications.

You require product solutions that deliver energy efficiency and higher power density for space savings. Our semiconductor devices deliver higher integration, power efficiency, system reliability, and system functionality while reducing engineering development time.

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Product Selection by End Product and related block diagram and information


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Why Choose Our Motor Control Solutions

  • Significantly improve performance/cost ratio of variable speed motor drive designs using Fairchild's highly integrated devices; e.g. Motion SPM®, PFC-SPM, and BLDC/PMSM Controller.
  • Preserve flexibility and create proprietary motor control applications using Fairchild's discrete devices; e.g. HVICs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, and optocouplers.
  • Meet system energy efficient, safety, and EMI regulatory standards; e.g. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification, Energy STAR, European Commission Energy Using Products (EUPs), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
  • Fairchild offers a wide range of die and wafer products to meet your design solutions.

Motor Control Applications Block Diagram

Recommended Product Solutions

  • Integrated Solutions (SPM)
    • Motion SPM® (Smart Power Module) - integrated drive and protection in a single package. Simplify and accelerate your design as you optimize efficiency. These devices are sometimes referred to as Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) by the market.
  • Discrete Solutions (Discretes)
    • HVICs (High Voltage Integrated Circuits) are MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers. These stand-alone HVICs save 50% PCB area compared to commonly used optocoupler-based or pulse transformer-based solutions.
    • IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)
    • MOSFETs
  • BLDC / PMSM Controller (Brushless DC / Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
    • Mixed signal IC (Integrated Circuit) exclusively for motor control; e.g. hardware implemented fault detection, replaces complicated DSP (Digital Signal Processor), and more features. No complicated software development required.
    • Advanced Motor Controller (AMC) can adopt various configurable libraries for different application requirements; e.g. Sensorless Field-Oriented Control (FOC) with Speed Integral Method, Sensorless FOC with Sliding Mode.
    • MCU Embedded to increase flexibility for peripheral controls and communications.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    • PFC-SPM (Smart Power Module) - front-end rectifier circuit specifically designed to minimize input current distortion and make the AC-in current in phase with the AC-in voltage; e.g. reduce power loss. Save energy = Save money.
    • PFC controller IC's for discrete PFC implementation: Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM ) and Critical/Boundary Conduction Mode (CrCM / BCM) PFC controllers.
  • Optoelectronics
    • Optoelectronics complement Fairchild's well-established offering in the discrete power IGBT/MOSFET line of products. Optoelectronics are used in motor control designs to provide isolation from high voltage devices.
  • Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
    • Demonstrated here are power management devices used in flyback converter design, the most popular Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) topology.  These off-line power switches are integrated Pulse Wave Modulation (PWM) controllers with an integrated fully avalanche-rugged SenseFET™ and current mode PWM control block.
  • Bridge Rectifiers
    • Fairchild has a wide range of Bridge Rectifier packages based on power dissipation needs. This landing page will list our single package bridge rectifiers which can easily be mounted on a heat sink for high voltage applications.



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