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Power Factor Correction (PFC) is used in motor control power management. PFC requirements vary from country to country; typically in appliances with power requirements greater than 75Watts.   Its purpose is to minimize inefficient and costly reactive loads on the power grid.  Alternatively, implementing a PFC front-end in a product can maximize the available power that can be drawn from a standard outlet. PFC does this by making the appliance look purely resistive; e.g. no phase difference between the voltage (Vac) and current (Iac) from the grid.  PFC also minimizes any transients/harmonics that can feed back into the home/building electrical grid and disrupt the power source to other appliances.  The result:  PFC saves money by saving electrical energy.

Fairchild Semiconductor offers both integrated and discrete PFC solutions:


Integrated PFC SPM® Products : Interleaved, Boost & Bridgeless Topologies


Optimized IGBTs, diodes, and driving IC
Good thermal resistance due to Direct-Bond Copper (DBC) substrate of package
SPM® package meets the basic creepage and clearance spacing
Isolation voltage of 2500 Vrms [@ 1 min]
UL certified No. E209204


Fairchild Advantages:

PFC SPM® products use the same advantageous DBC(Direct Bond Copper) or ceramic substrate packaging used by the motion SPM® products. SPM® packaging enables high voltage motor drivers; and now enables PFC for high voltage motor control.
Integrated into the PFC SPM® product is a front-end rectifier circuit, partial switching converter circuit, and power factor correction circuit which can be controlled by an external controller; e.g. Fairchild's BLDC/PMSM Controller, third-party micro-controller (MCU), DSP controller, or FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).

Because the PFC SPM® packages have the same mechanical dimension as the motion SPM® packages;
both can be installed on the same heat sink. Enabling easy assembly and increased productivity.

Comparisons of Integrated PFC SPM® Modules

TopologyPassive PFCInterleavedBoostBridgeless
ApplicationMotor Control PFC Passive PFCMotor Control PFC InterleavedMotor Control PFC BoostMotor Control PFC Bridgeless
Inductor Cost★★★★★★★
Capacitor Cost★★★★★★★
Fairchild SolutionYesYesYesYes
Switching Frequency-

Over 20KHz


IGBT/Sensing Quantity0212
Free Wheeling Diode Quantity0212
Bridge Diode Quantity4442
★★★ Best ★★ Better ★ Good ☆ Fair


Block Diagrams

Interleaved PFC SPM: is for 2-phase interleaved PFC application. Featuring: Single phase rectifier for AC input; 2-phase interleaved PFC; Control IC for gate driving and protection; NTC thermistor; UL Certified No. E209024


Boost PFC SPM: is for 1-phase boost PFC application. Featuring: Single phase rectifier for AC input; 1-phase boost PFC; Control IC for gate driving and protection; NTC thermistor; UL Certified No. E209024


Bridgeless PFC SPM: is for 2-phase bridgeless PFC application. Featuring: 2-phase bridgeless PFC; Control IC for gate driving and protection; NTC thermistor; Shunt resistor for current sensing; UL Certified No. E209024


Ordering Codes:

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PFC-SPM3 Module Ordering Codes
PFC SPM Module Ordering Codes



PFC Controller IC's for Discrete PFC Implementations

Fairchild Semiconductor has a wide breadth of discrete PFC controllers; e.g. Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM), Critical / Boundary Conduction Mode (CrCM / BCM), and Interleaved. As an example, the features of our Interleaved Dual BCM PFC Controllers include:

Interleaved Dual BCM PFC controllers:

Interleaved Lower > Turn-off Losses
Valley Switching > Minimize COSS losses
Strong gate drivers > reduce switching losses
Boost-follower ("tracking boost") possible
Closed-loop soft-start w/ Prog. Ramp Time
Power and Current Limit per Channel
Input Voltage Feed-forward
Secondary Latched OVP
Input Brown-out Protection
Line OVP
Internal maximum fSW clamp limit
Ease of Design & Solution Size
Easy Valley Detection Implementation
Easy Loop Compensation (constant BW and PWM Gain)
Integrated +2.0 A/-1.0 A Gate Drivers
Works with DC, 50 Hz to 400 Hz AC Inputs


Motor Control View Interleaved PFC Controllers Parametric Data
Motor Control View CCM PFC Parametric Data

Support & Tools

Motion Control Design Tool

This design tool provides motion control design engineers with efficient means of calculating the power losses and temperature rise in Fairchild motor drive SPM modules. The tool addresses three-phase inverter sinusoidal modulation for variable speed drive applications powering permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and AC induction motors.


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