Fairchild's HSPICE models allow to you access performance characteristics for selected products.

Physical Model: A model rich in semiconductor process technology dependence and device physics.
Electro-Thermal Model: A model which includes the coupled electrical and thermal device performance.
Electrical Model: Electrical model including ambient temperature effects.
Thermal Model: Stand alone thermal impedance model with no coupling to the electrical model.

To download a model, you must have a My Fairchild account. Please select from one of the categories listed below, and then in the table that appears below, select the appropriate link in the "Condition" column. If you are not already logged in via My Fairchild, you will be prompted to log in or create a free account with us.

What You Should Know About Using Fairchild Encrypted HSPICE Models:

When you first open the HSPICE model, it will appear that most of the file is "corrupted" as random characters. Do not worry as this is the encrypted portion of the file. What is required is that when you instantiate this device in your circuit netlist, there is a top subcircuit call and forcing functions defined that map to the top call described in the xxxxxx.inc file downloaded.

Ensure that the pin order is maintained. The downloaded file is to be at the same directory level as your netlist. For an example on how to use encrypted models please click here. If you so choose, by following the example and changing the search reference and pins/forcing functions to match the file you downloaded you can validate the downloaded file before including it in your circuit.

Product Package & pins Condition Temperature range Vcc range Software version Revision date
No products found for specified class.

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