FCPF400N60 − N-Channel SuperFET® II MOSFET 600V, 10A, 400mΩ


SuperFET® II MOSFET is Fairchild Semiconductor’s brand-new high voltage super-junction (SJ) MOSFET family that is utilizing charge balance technology for outstanding low on-resistance and lower gate charge performance. This technology is tailored to minimize conduction loss, provide superior switching performance, dv/dt rate and higher avalanche energy. Consequently, SuperFET II MOSFET is very suitable for the switching power applications such as PFC, server/telecom power, FPD TV power, ATX power and industrial power applications.

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Product Status/Pricing/Packaging

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0 FCPF400N60 Full Production
Green as of Nov 2012
$2.05  Details
4.7 x 10.06 x 15.87mm

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Line 2:FCPF
Line 3:400N60
RƟJA :  62.5  °C/W
RƟJC :  4  °C/W


  • 650V @TJ = 150°C
  • Max. RDS(on) = 400mΩ
  • Ultra low gate charge ( Typ. Qg = 28nC )
  • Low effective output capacitance ( Typ. Coss.eff = 90pF )
  • 100% avalanche tested


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • PDP TV
  • PC Server
  • Notebook PC
  • Lighting
  • LED TV
  • LCD TV
  • LCD Monitor
  • EMS
  • DVD/Set Top Boxes
  • Desktop PC
  • DC-DC Merchant Power Supply
  • Consumer Appliances
  • AC-DC Merchant Power Supply

Application Notes


For additional information please visit the Models page.

Package Condition Temperature Range Vcc Range Software Version Revision Date
TO-220F 3L Physical;Electro-Thermal -55°C to 175°C 0V to 600V OrCAD 16.6 Apr 29, 2014
TO-220F 3L Electro-Thermal -55°C to 150°C 0V to 600V LTSPICE IV Jul 08, 2014
TO-220F 3L Physical;Electro-Thermal -55°C to 175°C 0V to 600V SIMetrix 7.10R May 13, 2014

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