FSCQ0965RT − Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)


A Quasi-Resonant Converter (QRC) typically shows lower EMI and higher power conversion efficiency compared to a conventional hard-switched converter with a fixed switching frequency. Therefore, a QRC is well suited for noise-sensitive applications, such as color TV and audio. Each product in the FSCQ series contains an integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller and a SenseFET. This series is specifically designed for quasi-resonant off-line Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) with minimal external components. The PWM controller includes an integrated fixed frequency oscillator, under-voltage lockout, leading-edge blanking (LEB), optimized gate driver, internal soft-start, temperature-compensated precise current sources for loop compensation, and self-protection circuitry. Compared with a discrete MOSFET and PWM controller solution, the FSCQ series can reduce total cost, component count, size, and weight; while increasing efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. These devices provide a basic platform for cost-effective designs of quasi-resonant switching flyback converters.

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0 FSCQ0965RTYDTU Full Production
Green as of Oct 2010
$1.63  Details
4.7 x 10.16 x 15.87mm

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Line 2:CQ0965RT
ESD (HBM) :  2000  V
RƟJC :  2.55  °C/W


  • Optimized for Quasi-Resonant Converter (QRC)
  • Advanced Burst-Mode Operation for under 1 W Standby Power Consumption
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limit
  • Overload Protection (OLP) – Auto Restart
  • Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) – Auto Restart
  • Abnormal Over-Current Protection (AOCP) – Latch
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown (TSD) – Latch
  • Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) with Hysteresis
  • Low Startup Current (Typical: 25 μA)
  • Internal High Voltage SenseFET
  • Built-in Soft-Start (20 ms)
  • Extended Quasi-Resonant Switching


  • CRT TV

Application Notes

Design Tools

Design Tool Design Tool
SMPS/Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) - QRC This tool enables users to design switch mode power supplies using Fairchild's FPS™ products.

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