FSEZ1317 − PSR Flyback PWM Controller with MOSFET Integrated for LED Lighting


This third-generation Primary Side Regulation (PSR) and highly integrated PWM controller provides several features to enhance the performance of low-power flyback converters. The proprietary topology, TRUECURRENT®, of FSEZ1317 enables precise CC regulation and simplified circuit design for battery-charger applications. A low-cost, smaller, and lighter charger results, as compared to a conventional design or a linear transformer.

To minimize standby power consumption, the proprietary green mode provides off-time modulation to linearly decrease PWM frequency under light-load conditions. Green mode assists the power supply in meeting power conservation requirements.

By using the FSEZ1317, a charger can be implemented with few external components and minimized cost.

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Product Status/Pricing/Packaging

Product Product & Eco Status *Pricing Packaging & Packing Info **Package Marking Convention Qualification Support Compliance Certificates
0 FSEZ1317MY Not recommended for new design
Green as of Nov 2008
1.372 x 3.912 x 4.902mm

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&Z (Plant Code)
&2 (2-Digit Date Code) &K
Line 2:EZ1317
Line 3:MYN
ESD (HBM) :  5000  V
RƟJA :  150  °C/W
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) :  1  
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0 FSEZ1317NY Not recommended for new design
Green as of Apr 2010
$0.74  Details
3.4 x 6.4 x 9.2mm

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&Z (Plant Code)
&2 (2-Digit Date Code) &K
Line 2:EZ1317
Line 3:NYN
ESD (HBM) :  5000  V
RƟJA :  150  °C/W


  • Low Standby Power Under 30mW
  • High-Voltage Startup
  • Fewest External Component Counts
  • Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) Control without Secondary-Feedback Circuitry
  • Green-Mode: Linearly Decreasing PWM Frequency
  • Fixed PWM Frequency at 50kHz with Frequency Hopping to Solve EMI Problem
  • Cable Compensation in CV Mode
  • Peak-Current-Mode Control in CV Mode
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
  • VDD Over-Voltage Protection with Auto Restart
  • VDD Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Gate Output Maximum Voltage Clamped at 15V
  • Fixed Over-Temperature Protection with Auto Restart
  • Available in the 7-Lead SOP and DIP Packages


  • Mobile Handsets
  • Lighting

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