SGH80N60UFD − Discrete, High Performance IGBT with Diode

Obsolete as of 27-Aug-2012

Fairchild's UFD series of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) provides low conduction and switching losses. The UFD series is designed for applications such as motor control and general inverters where high speed switching is a required feature.

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Product Status/Packaging

Product Product & Eco Status Replacement Part Number Packaging & Packing Info **Package Marking Convention Qualification Support Compliance Certificates
2 SGH80N60UFDTU Obsolete as of 27-Aug-2012
ROHS Compliant
4.8 x 15.6 x 38.7mm

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RƟJA :  40  °C/W
RƟJC :  0.64  °C/W


  • High Speed Switching
  • Low Saturation Voltage : V CE(sat) = 2.1 V @ I C = 40A
  • High Input Impedance
  • CO-PAK, IGBT with FRD : t rr = 50ns (typ.)

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