TinyLogic® Devices


Fairchild's TinyLogic® family consists of a broad spectrum of high speed, low power, CMOS single and dual gate logic functions in a choice of seven space saving packages.

TinyLogic can facilitate efficient system designs in any application. Placement of single and dual logic functions exactly where needed simplifies signal routing while minimizing propagation delays and noise generation.

MicroPak™ / MicroPak2™

MicroPak™ Packaging Details

MicroPak™ 8L MicroPak™ 6L MicroPak2™ 6L


MeasurementsVSOP 8LSOT-23 5LSC70 5LSC70 6LMicroPak™ 8LMicroPak™ 6LMicroPak2™ 6L
Mounted Width3.
Body Width2.301.
Pin Pitch0.500.950.650.650.500.500.35

Comprehensive Portfolio

Special functions


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