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If you want to complete an off-line flyback converter design with minimal engineering time and expense, you've found the answer. Simply enter your input and output requirements, click on "Auto-Complete", and Power Supply WebDesigner (PSW) does the rest.

Or if you prefer to fine tune parameters to optimize performance as you perform detailed analysis and simulations, all while eliminating the need for a hardware prototype, Power Supply WebDesigner does it all.

PSW automatically generates a BOM and lets you confidentially save your design for future reference by you or others on your team.  Start saving days-to-weeks of engineering time with PSW, whether you're a power supply expert or not.

Topologies/ End System
  • Primary-Side Regulated Flyback Converter, PSR
  • Secondary-Side Regulated Flyback Converter, SSR
  • Switched-Mode Power Supply, SMPS
  • AC/DC off-line power supply
  • Isolated buck-boost converter
  • Forward isolated buck converter
  • DC/DC isolated converter
  • SMPS for STB, DVD, DVCD players
  • SMPS for home appliances, printer, scanner, facsimile, LCD Monitor, LCD TV
  • Battery charger for cellular phones, cordless phones, digital cameras, power tools

Design Tools

Offline & Isolated DC-DC; AC Input
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Step by Step Guide

The power supply pictured here is an example of a
The power supply pictured here is an example of a
Secondary-Side Regulated evaluation board from Faircild.

Start your design by deciding what your power supply requirements will be.

For this step by step example we’ll design an AC to DC off-line power supply with the following requirements:

Input Specifications:

  • 85 Vac to 265 Vac
  • 50 Hz line frequency
  • 80% Efficiency

Output Specifications:

  • Multiple loads are required
    • LCD Display:  15V / 1A
    • Battery Charger:  5V / 2A
      (this will be the control regulated main output)
    • Microcontroller:  3.3V / 0.5

System Requirement PSR Tool SSR Tool
 Power range up to 30W up to 100W
 Number of Output Loads 1 up to 3
 Lower system cost (no optocoupler circuit) X  
 Fast Load regulation   X
Tighter output voltage tolerance X X

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