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Awards & Accolades

Fairchild has been honored with a number of awards and recognitions, both by our industry as well as by customers.

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Fairchild believes that our employees' contributions, abilities and achievements are integral to our customers' success, and to the success of our company. Our focus on building and encouraging a culture of engaged employees is at the core of our business.

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Community Relations

Fairchild is committed to being active and supportive members of our communities with financial and in-kind support, and supporting employees who contribute time and energy to community organizations.

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If you have design support questions, are looking for information or just want to provide feedback—get in touch with us today.

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Corporate Profile

Fairchild has a rich history as a pioneer in the semiconductor industry and that pioneering spirit endures today. In an era where diversity can dilute focus and hamper innovation, we specialize in the development and manufacturing of a complete portfolio of low- to high-power solutions.

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Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to operating our businesses and manufacturing operations in accordance with, and in ways that promote, internationally recognized standards of corporate responsibility. Our commitment is closely aligned with our support for the vision and mission of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC).

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Fairchild is all about power management. And to that end, we provide a unique combination of design and manufacturing expertise to our customers, allowing them to power amazing electronic products.

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Green Initiative

At Fairchild, we are dedicated to protecting the environment, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and utilizing industry-leading practices for environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our products are designed to optimize system power, thereby helping our customers and end-product consumers reduce their energy consumption.

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History & Heritage

Fairchild occupies a unique and impressive position in history, having launched the semiconductor industry over 50 years ago and acted as a catalyst for the birth of Silicon Valley. Fairchild has been driving disruptive innovation since its earliest days, and we continue to seek ways to make our world smarter and cleaner.

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Fairchild has a legacy of defining how power is used in low voltage through high voltage applications. Our IP powers over 4 billion cell phones and has started over 1 billion cars, thousands of times. Our focus on innovation helps us create the amazing power design experience we demand for Fairchild customers.

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As a public company listed on NASDAQ, Fairchild has a responsibility to be transparent and reliable, to innovate, and to provide quality products and services that enable customers to power amazing end products.

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Fairchild is helmed by a team of seasoned and bold leaders, who steer the company in the spirit of its visionary founders Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Eugene Kleiner prominent among those who started the company. Today we uphold and carry forward that legacy under the guidance of our current executive management team.

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Litigation Update

Fairchild Semiconductor respects the legitimate intellectual property interests of our competitors. We also believe in the ability to vigorously defend our own patents against infringement and to compete in markets where we have the right to do so.

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Fairchild does business worldwide, and has locations all around the globe to support you.

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Breaking and archived news releases from Fairchild, spanning technology breakthroughs to product introductions.

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