Third Party Recruiters

Fairchild's primary goal is to fill open positions utilizing our internal recruitment staff. However, on occasion, an open position may require additional recruitment resources. To assist in this situation Fairchild utilizes a Preferred Vendor Program.

Please note that any candidate information that you choose to present to any employee of Fairchild prior to completing the Preferred Vendor Agreement will be considered free and you forfeit all rights to compensation based on the unsolicited candidate.

If you are currently an approved vendor please use the URL you have received to submit candidates for selected positions. If you are an approved vendor and have any questions, please contact Fairchild's Vendor Coordinator.

Fairchild will periodically add vendors to our preferred program, as needs arise. For current or future consideration please submit an email containing your company information including, but not limited to, company name, the skill set of candidates you typically recruit, skill sets you might specialize in, location of your office(s), and contact information. Forward this information to: You will receive a response back within 5 business days.