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Fairchild has a legacy of more than 50 years as a worldwide automotive semiconductor supplier. Our portfolio of products covers the spectrum of the automotive power market. Fairchild’s leading-edge IGBTs, MOSFETs, ignition IGBTs, injector drivers, gate drivers and power modules are used in engine management, electric power assisted steering (EPAS), motor drives, traction inverters, chargers, DC-DC converters, PTC heaters and other systems that require high quality, power efficient components.

All Fairchild automotive products are qualified according to the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Reliability Test requirements (AEC-Q100, AEC-Q101) and, where applicable, also to Customer Specific Reliability and Parametric Test requirements. Fairchild also offers a variety of automotive products in unsawn wafer , sawn wafer, tape & reel, and known good die (KGD) . For more information or sample orders, please contact .

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Automotive applications include:

Fairchild’s automotive portfolio of MOSFETs, rectifiers, IGBTs, large die, and module driver IC products offer easy-to-use, highly flexible, and high performance EV/HEV solutions for powertrain and other power storage systems. For more information, please visit the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles landing page.

Fairchild also offers automotive-grade power solutions for transportation vehicles and heavy equipment with the highest reliability and system performance for harsh operating environments. For more information, please visit the Transportation landing page.

Fairchild Product

PowerTrench® MOSFETs

These MOSFETs are part of Fairchild's comprehensive portfolio of MOSFETs that offer designers a wide range of breakdown voltages (-150V ~ 250V), state-of-the-art packaging and industry-leading FOM to deliver efficient power management anywhere electronic power conversion is needed.

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