Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Solutions

As CO2 regulations increase, EV/HEV manufacturers are under pressure to provide more cost-effective and energy efficient systems.

Fairchild’s automotive portfolio of MOSFETs, rectifiers, IGBTs, bare die, and module driver IC products offer easy-to-use, highly flexible, and high performance EV/HEV solutions for powertrain and other power storage systems.

EV/HEV applications include:

Our automotive qualified SuperFET® II MOSFET and rectifier product families enable cleaner and smarter vehicles overall and are ideal for increasing the power ratings of on-board chargers and DC-DC converters used in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

In addition, Fairchild offers bare die IGBTs and rectifiers for traction inverters delivering lower switching losses, better process control, and superior levels of protection thanks to monolithic current and temperature sense. Bare die SuperFET MOSFETs are also available for charger applications. Our bare die offerings use the AEC-Q101 qualification as a standard reference, enabling designers to build reliable power modules for EV/HEV traction inverters and on-board chargers. Fairchild also offers a variety of automotive products in unsawn wafer, sawn wafer, tape & reel, and known good die (KGD). For more information or sample orders, please contact automotivedie@fairchildsemi.com.

Fairchild’s discrete IGBTs for traction and auxiliary inverters provide design flexibility, reducing the number of devices in parallel, increasing the power density, and improving the overall efficiency of the solution. This allows designers to build scalable EV/HEV inverters and other powertrain applications with superior performance and automotive-level reliability.

Our newest automotive-grade module, the FAM65V05DF1, integrates IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and gate drivers in one electrically-isolated package. It­­ is ideal for auxiliary motor control applications and is the smallest solution in the market, simplifying the power stage design, assembly and improving the EMI performance.

Part #DescriptionDownload
Discrete IGBTs
FGY120T65SPD_F085Field Stop Trench IGBTPDFSamples
FGY160T65SPD_F085650V / 160A Field Stop Trench IGBT
With Soft Fast Recovery Diode
Bare Die
PCGA200T65NF8650V / 200A Field Stop Trench IGBTPDF 
PCGA300T65DF8650V / 300A Field Stop Trench IGBTPDF 
PCRKA20065F8650V / 200A Extremefast DiodePDF 
PCRKA30065F8650V / 300A Extremefast DiodePDF 
FCH190N65F_F085600V / 21A SuperFET II MOSFETPDFSamples
FCH077N65F_F085650V / 54A SuperFET II MOSFETPDFSamples
FCH041N65F_F085650V / 76A SuperFET II MOSFETPDFSamples
FFH50US60S_F085600V / 50A rectifierPDFSamples
RHRG3060_F085600V / 30A rectifierPDFSamples
RURP15100_F0851000V / 15A rectifierPDFSamples
FAM65V05DF1Automotive 3-Phase IGBT Smart Power ModulePDFSamples
FTCO3V455A13-Phase Inverter Automotive Power ModulePDFSamples