Outstanding reliability and proven expertise over several decades make Fairchild the world’s largest supplier of ignition IGBTs and the first choice for automotive internal combustion engine systems.

EcoSPARK® I and EcoSPARK® II Ignition IGBTs are optimized to control the load current through the ignition coil and feature an integrated clamp structure that limits the maximum voltage on the primary side.

Our driver ICs are designed to directly drive an ignition IGBT and control the current and spark event of the coil.

For smart IGBTs and other custom ignition solutions, please contact your local sales representative.

Key features:

  • Formidable SCIS capability at all temperatures
  • Range of different clamping voltages in our portfolio
  • Adjustable dwell time and input pull down current in the driver
  • AEC-Q101 qualified and RoHS compliant

Automotive Ignition