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End-to-End Power Delivery

10% of Global Electricity demand is consumed by IT. Energy costs account for more than 60% of datacenter operating expense. Fairchild enables energy efficient servers and storage systems. Whether converting AC or DC power into precisely controlled DC power, our products are used in critical uninterrupted power supply (UPS), solar inverter, data centers, server boards, storage, and customer facilities for mobile internet and cloud computing applications.

Fairchild Product

Smart Power Stage

The smart power stage (SPS) module family is a next-generation, ultra-compact, integrated MOSFET plus driver power stage solution.

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Fairchild Product


Fairchild recently added the SuperFET II MOSFET family using the latest Super Junction Technology to the high-voltage power MOSFET portfolio.

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Fairchild Product

Motion SPM® Smart Power Modules

Motion SPM® modules integrate drive and protection circuitry into a single package. Simplify and accelerate your design as you optimize efficiency.

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Fairchild Product


Fairchild Semiconductor's DrMOS, the FDMFxxxx Series, is a complete family of fully optimized, integrated FET plus Driver multi-chip power stage modules designed for multiple synchronous Buck converter applications.

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Fairchild Product


UniFET™ MOSFET is Fairchild Semiconductor's high voltage MOSFET family based on advanced planar stripe and DMOS technology.

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Fairchild Product

IntelliMAX™ Load Switches

Fairchild's IntelliMAX™, a family of advanced load management switches, offers the unique combination of protections, control, and fault monitoring features.

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Fairchild Product

PowerTrench® MOSFETs

These MOSFETs are part of Fairchild's comprehensive portfolio of MOSFETs that offer designers a wide range of breakdown voltages (-150V ~ 250V), state-of-the-art packaging and industry-leading FOM to deliver efficient power management anywhere electronic power conversion is needed.

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Application NoteDescription
AN-558Introduction to Power MOSFETs and their Applications
AN-9052Design Guide for Selection of Bootstrap Components
AN-4137Design Guidelines for Offline Flyback Converters using FPS™
AN-FEBFAN9673_B01H2500AUser Guide for FEBFAN9673_B01H2500A Evaluation Board
AN-9067Analysis of MOSFET Failure Modes in LLC Resonant Converter
AN-5232New Generation Super-Junction MOSFETs, SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy Drive MOSFETs for High Efficiency and Lower Switching Noise
AN-4178New High-Voltage SMD Package, Power88 for High-Efficiency, and Low-Profile Power Systems
AN-6099New PowerTrench® MOSFET with Shielded Gate Technology Increases System Efficiency and Power Density in Synchronous Rectification Applications
AN-6024Understanding Analog Video Signal Clamps, Bias, DC-Restore, and AC or DC Coupling Methods
AN-6039Board Layout Techniques for High-Performance Amplifiers
AN-6041PCB Layout Considerations for Video Filter / Drivers
AN-1031Considerations in Designing the Printed Circuit Boards of Embedded Switching Power Supplies
AN-4140Transformer Design Consideration for Offline Flyback Converters Using Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-4141Troubleshooting and Design Tips for Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) Flyback Applications
AN-4148Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications
AN-4159Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL336LR
AN-41761 kV SenseFET Integrated Power Switch
AN-303HC-MOS Power Dissipation
AN-5067PCB Land Pattern Design and Surface Mount Guidelines for MLP Packages
AN-6037Low Drop Out, Phase Margin, and Stability
AN-4161Practical Considerations of Trench MOSFET Stability when Operating in Linear Mode
AN-5844Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL306LR
AN-4147Design Guidelines for RCD Snubber of Flyback Converters
ApplicationDocument NumberFeatured
Power (W)
Input Voltage
Range (VAC)
300 W85-265VACCCM Boost PFC + Two SwitchForward + Flyback
Notebook AdapterPDFRD-311
65 W90-264VACFlyback Converter