Digital Power Generator

The digital power generator is considered to be a smart, reliable and high-quality electricity output. It can offer a superior alternative source of electricity for home owners when an unexpected outage occurs. Or, it can provide the electricity for the convenience of outdoor leisure activities such as camping. Therefore, the system needs to be lightweight, quiet, reliable and provide high-quality electricity output.

Fairchild offers diverse solutions to meet the digital power generator requirements for achieving these key values. Our solutions include IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes, gate driver ICs, and power management controllers that help designers to make a high-performance generator with high efficiency and reliability.


Design Advantages

  • IGBTs and MOSFETs featuring high current handling capability and low conduction and switching loss
  • Optically isolated gate drivers with wide operating voltage range and high common-mode transient immunity
  • High-voltage gate drivers with excellent noise immunity, high dv/dt and low power consumption
  • Our mWSaver flyback controllers provide auxiliary bias power with industry-lowest standby power consumption

Digital Power Generator Block Diagram



  • 1. See AC/DC Rectifier Topologies Block Diagram
  • 2. See Aux. Power Topologies Block Diagram
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