Induction Heating

Fairchild's power solutions offers energy and cost-savings  to meet the diverse range of low-, mid-, and high-power induction heating design requirements.  These solutions offer high efficiency and high switching frequency while decreasing size and weight.   In addition, Fairchild provides the design resources and tools to help you eliminate hardware prototypes as you save days-to-weeks optimizing, simulating and validating flyback converter designs.


Design Advantages

  • IGBTs and MOSFETs featuring high current handling capability and low conduction and switching loss
  • High-voltage gate drivers with excellent noise immunity, high dv/dt and low power consumption
  • Our mWSaver flyback controllers provide auxiliary bias power with industry-lowest standby power consumption
  • Optically isolated gate drivers with wide operating voltage range and high common- mode transient immunity
  • Bypass & Blocking Diodes (Rectifiers or Schottky Diodes) with Low leakage current and low forward voltage minimize power loss in the system at high temperatures as well as to withstand power surges