TV & Monitor

Fairchild Semiconductor provides power and backlighting solutions for all television and monitor applications including PDP TVs, LCD TVs & Monitors, and LED TV & Monitors.
From display interface and control, to power supplies and signal process and control, Fairchild offers a wide range of digital display solutions that help your system design with the most efficient, reliable portfolio in the industry.
Our power management products can help you meet the most stringent energy regulations including EnergyStar®, 80 Plus® and other standards specified by organizations such as the California Energy Commission (CEC), EU Code of Conduct and Group for Energy Efficient Appliances (GEEA). Our extensive portfolio of high performance and energy efficient analog and mixed signal ICs, and discrete semiconductors can help you design feature rich and cost effective consumer electronic products.



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Design Advantages

  • ZVS LLC & AsHB converters can achieve greater than 90% efficiency. Fairchild LLC and AsHB product solutions give you the flexibility to choose the right MOSFETs and control IC or best integrated solutions for your requirements.
  • Fairchild flyback converter products integrate MOSFETs and PWM controller for ruggedness and reliability.
  • Fairchild offers a wide range of digital display solutions that increase power efficiency and decrease standby power— helping to meet the ever-increasing worldwide demand for energy conservation.
  • Fairchild's backlight ICs, used for all television and monitor applications, help you to achieve slim and sleek form factors. These controllers deliver higher power density, while maintaining high reliability.
  • Fairchild's video switch matrix products are optimized for the processing of RGB or YPbPr with minimal signal degradation and with special attention to bandwidth, application load capacitance, insertion loss, 0.1dB flatness and video signal format.
  • Fairchild Semiconductor offers a wide portfolio of video driver and video switch matrix solutions for all channel configurations and resolutions including CV, S-video, Component Video, SD, ED, HD 1080 or HD 1080p.
ApplicationDocument NumberFeatured
Power (W)
Input Voltage
Range (VAC)
Notebook AdapterPDFRD-269
90 W90-264 VACBCM Boost PFC and Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converter
Power Supply LCD TVPDFRD-324
200 W340-400V/DCLLC Resonant Half-Bridge Converter
384 W340-400VACLLC Resonant Half-Bridge Converter
Power Supply LCD MonitorPDFRD-203
49.2 W85-265VACFlyback Converter
300 W340-400V/DCAsymmetric PWM Half-Bridge Converter
Power Supply LCD MonitorPDFRD-330
25.4 W85-265VACFlyback Converter
Power Supply LCD MonitorPDFRD-331
29.6 W85-265VACFlyback Converter
Power Supply LCD TVPDFRD-212
192 W340-400V/DCLLC Resonant Half-Bridge Converter
Power Supply LCD MonitorPDFRD-334
40 W85-265VACFlyback Converter
Power Supply LCD MonitorPDFRD-204
60 W85-265VACFlyback Converter
Power Supply LED PDP TVPDFRD-267
4.16 W85-265VACFlyback Converter