LED Lighting

Designers of LED lighting applications need to simplify design complexity and increase energy efficiency in limited PCB space. That’s why we offer a total solution portfolio for low-, mid-, and high power designs. Designers can select the best topology for their application – saving time, lowering system cost and eliminating components. In addition, our Global Power Resource℠, comprised of online tools, FAEs and regional centers staffed by power engineers, is the industry standard for customer design support.

Low Power

For low-power applications, the major challenges include space and cost restrictions as well as the need to improve light radiation and conserve energy. Our primary side, regulated PWM controllers—such as the FL7730 and FL7732—have been engineered to deliver superior light quality, greater perating efficiency, and significant size and cost savings. Each controller features a multi-chip package with MOSFET built in, as well as our TRUECURRENT™ and proprietary linear predict method technologies. Together, they deliver best-in-class constant current and constant voltage operation.

Middle Power

For mid-power applications such as down lights and L-Lights, designs typically start with a requirement for high PF, reduced board space, and the ever-increasing demand for greater energy savings. Fairchild’s CRM PFC PWM controllers—FL6961 and FL7930B/C—address these concerns.

Fairchild’s LED solutions deliver the PF performance that energy regulations require, while eliminating multiple components and the performance limitations of older topologies.

High Power

When designing for street light, wall washing and industrial light applications, the major concerns are high system efficiency, reliability, as well as containing the BOM count and cost. By combining Fairchild’s PWM controllers—such as the FL6961 or FL7930B/C—with our QR flyback technology, such as the FL6300A—you have an ideal design solution for high-power applications. Our QR controllers provide higher efficiency through extended valley switching while further reducing space by integrating SenseFET or MOSFET functionality inside.

Furthermore, Fairchild has leveraged our extensive power supply IP for a combined CRM PFC and LLC half-bridge topology. Our FLS-xxxxXS series of controllers combines a PWM, for half-bridge resonant converters, with two highly integrated power switches, optimized for half-bridge LLC control into a single package. When used in conjunction with one of our CRM PFC controllers, you’ll eliminate dozens of components while significantly improving system efficiency and reliability.

Design Advantages

  • Accurate constant-current control
  • High power efficiency
  • Save board space and reduce manufacturing cost
  • Excellent PF and low THD
  • Dimming/Non-dimming Options

LED Lighting Low Power Block Diagram 1

Our family of building blocks for LED lighting lower power (isolated) systems includes:

LED Lighting Low Power Block Diagram 2

Our family of building blocks for LED lighting low power (non-isolated) systems includes:

LED Lighting Middle Power Block Diagram

Our family of building blocks for LED lighting middle power systems includes:

Application NoteDescription
AN-8025Design Guideline of Single-Stage Flyback AC-DC Converter Using FAN7530 for LED Lighting
AN-6026Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using FAN7529
AN-6208Secondary-Side Synchronous Rectifier (SR) for LLC Resonant Converter Using FAN6208
AN-9730LED Application Design Guide Using Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter for 160W Street Lighting
AN-6961Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller
AN-6300FAN6300/A/H Highly Integrated Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller
AN-6027Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using FAN7530
AN-9005Driving and Layout Design for Fast Switching Super-Junction MOSFETs
AN-9741Design Guideline for LED Lamp Control Using Primary-Side Regulated Flyback Converter, FL103M
AN-6920MRIntegrated Critical-Mode PFC / Quasi-Resonant Current-Mode PWM Controller FAN6920
AN-6067Design and Application of Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) PWM Controller
AN-8033Design Guideline for Primary Side Regulated (PSR) Flyback Converter Using FAN103 and FSEZ13X7
AN-FEBFAN7631_L17U120AUser Guide for FEBFAN7631_L17U120A
AN-9729LED Application Design Guide Using Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter for 100W Street Lighting
AN-FEBFLS2100XS4CH-L12U160AUser Guide for FEBFLS2100XS4CH_L12U160A
AN-42047Power Factor Correction (PFC) Basics
AN-4151Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Design Using FSFR-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-9738Design Guideline on 150W Power Supply for LED Street Lighting Design Using FL7930B and FAN7621S
AN-9731LED Application Design Guide Using BCM Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller for 100W Lighting System
AN-9732LED Application Design Guide Using BCM Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller for 200W Lighting System
AN-9067Analysis of MOSFET Failure Modes in LLC Resonant Converter
AN-5232New Generation Super-Junction MOSFETs, SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy Drive MOSFETs for High Efficiency and Lower Switching Noise
AN-FEBD850N10LDUser Guide for FEBFDD850N10LD_CS001 35 W Boost Converter for LED Drive using BoostPak
AN-4179High Voltage D2pak Package, PCB Layout Guide
AN-FEBL015User Guide for FEBFL103_L15U008A Evaluation Board Universal Input 8.4W LED Driver (PSR Flyback)
AN-9736Design Guideline of AC-DC Converter Using FL6961 & FL6300A for 70W LED Lighting
AN-FEBL008User Guide for FEBFL6961FL6300_L08U070A Evaluation Board Universal Input 70W LED Driver (PFC CRM and QR Flyback)
AN-9737Design Guideline for Single-Stage Flyback AC-DC Converter Using FL6961 for LED Lighting
AN-FEBL010User Guide for FEBFL6961_L10U030A Evaluation Board Universal Input 30W LED Driver (PFC CRM Single Stage Flyback)
AN-FEBL033User Guide for FEBFL7701_L33U003A Evaluation Board
AN-FEBL034User Guide for FEBFL7701_L34U018A Evaluation Board Universal Input 17.5W LED Driver (PFC Buck)
AN-FEBL031LUser Guide for FEBFL7701_L31L008A Evaluation Board Low Line 7.8W LED Driver (PFC Buck)
AN-7701FL7701 Design Tool Flow
AN-9744Smart LED Lamp Driver IC with PFC Function
AN-FEBL031HUser Guide for FEBFL7701_L31H008A Evaluation Board High Line 7.8W LED Driver (PFC Buck)
AN-FEBL030User Guide for FEBFL7701_L30U003A 2.4W LED Ballast Using FL7701
AN-FEB020HUser Guide for FEBFL7730_L20H008B Evaluation Board High Line 7.8W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-FEB020LUser Guide for FEBFL7730_L20L008B Evaluation Board Low Line 7.8W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-FEBL021LUser Guide for FEBFL7730_L21L017A Evaluation Board Low Line 17W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-FEBL021HUser Guide for FEBFL7730_L21H017A Evaluation Board High Line 17W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-7730FL7730 Design Tool Flow
AN-9745Design Guide for TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver Using FL7730
AN-FEBL026User Guide for FEBFL7732_L26U017B Evaluation Board Universal Input 16.8W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-FEBL029User Guide for FEBFL7732_L29U021A
AN-FEBL025User Guide for FEBFL7732_L25U008B Evaluation Board Universal Input 8.4W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-FEBL028User Guide for FEBFL7732_L28U008A Evaluation Board Universal Input 8.4W LED Driver (PFC Buck-Boost)
AN-9750High-Power Factor Flyback Converter for LED Driver with FL7732 PSR Controller
AN-7733FL7732 Design Tool Flow (Buck Boost)
AN-7732FL7732 Design Tool Flow (Flyback)
AN-5076Design High Power Factor Flyback Converter Using FL7733A for LED Driver with Ultra-Wide Output Voltage
AN-4185FL7734 Design Tool Flow
AN-FEBFLS1800XS1CH-L11U100AUser Guide for FEBFLS1800XS1CH_L11U100A
AN-FEBFLS2100XS1CH-L12U160AUser Guide for FEBFLS2100XS1CH_L12U160A
AN-FEBFLS1800XS4CH-L11U100AUser Guide for FEBFLS1800XS4CH_L11U100A
AN-FEBL032User Guide for FEBFLS0116_L32U003A Evaluation Board Universal Input 2.7W LED Driver (PFC Buck)
AN-FEBL040User Guide for FEBFLS3217M_L40U004A Evaluation Board Universal Input 3.5W LED Driver (PFC Buck-Boost)
AN-FEBL041User Guide for FEBFLS3217N_L41U007AEvaluation Board Universal Input 6.5W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-FEBL042User Guide for FEBFLS3247N_L42U010A Evaluation Board Universal Input 10W LED Driver (PFC PSR Flyback)
AN-1031Considerations in Designing the Printed Circuit Boards of Embedded Switching Power Supplies
AN-4145Electromagnetic Compatibility for Power Converters
AN-4147Design Guidelines for RCD Snubber of Flyback Converters
ApplicationDocument NumberFeatured
Power (W)
Input Voltage
Range (VAC)
LED LightingPDFRD-L012
160 W90 - 265 VACCRM PFC + LLC H/B + 4 Channel CC
LED LightingPDFRD-L011
100 W90 VAC - 265 VACCRM PFC + LLC H/B + 4 Channel CC
LED LightingPDFRD-L013
150 W85 - 277 VAC @ 300 VACMAXCRM PFC + LLC H/B
LED LightingPDFRD-L015
8.4 W85-265VACLow BOM PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L008
70 W90VAC - 277VACCRM PFC + QR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L010
30 W90VAC - 265VACSingle Stage Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L030
2.52 W90 VAC - 264 VACPFC Buck
LED LightingPDFRD-L034
18.3 W90 - 264VACPFC Buck
LED LightingPDFRD-L031H
7.8 W187 - 264 VACPFC Buck
LED LightingPDFRD-L031L
7.8 W90 - 150 VACPFC Buck
LED LightingPDFRD-L033
2.7 W90 - 265 VACPFC Buck
LED LightingPDFRD-L021L
16.8 W90 - 140 VACPFC PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L021H
16.8 W180 - 265 VACPFC PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L020L
8.4 W90 - 140 VACPFC PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L020H
8.4 W180 - 265 VACPFC PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L028
8.4 W90 - 265 V 交流电PFC Buck-Boost
LED LightingPDFRD-L026
16.8 W90 - 265 VACPFC PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L025
8.4 W90 - 265 VACPFC PSR Flyback
LED LightingPDFRD-L032
2.7 W90 - 264 VACPFC Buck with Integrated MOSFET
LED LightingPDFRD-L041
6.5 W90 - 265 VACPFC PSR Flyback with Integrated MOSFET
LED LightingPDFRD-L040
3.5 W90 - 265 VPFC Buck-Boost with Integrated MOSFET
LED LightingPDFRD-L042
10 W90 - 265 VACPFC PSR Flyback with Integrated MOSFET