Electronic/Digital Stethoscope

Electronic or digital stethoscopes do more than sense and capture heart and lung sounds, when we compare them to analog stethoscopes. In addition to portability, digital stethoscopes offer the advantage of additional features not possible with analog stethoscopes, including the ability to eliminate ambient noise, to transmit data wirelessly, and to record sound. Additional power is required to enable these additional features, while still supporting extended battery life. Fairchild has the right solutions and product breadth to enable these additional features and provide higher efficiency power conversion, and meet your design needs for electronic or digital stethoscopes.

Design Advantages

  • TinyBuck® regulators with integrated MOSFETs help system designers meet form-factor constraints and improve battery life while reducing total cost of ownership
  • When advanced Li-Ion battery voltage is below system minimum, TinyBoost™ regulators are designed to provide a minimum output voltage (VOUT(MIN)) from a single-cell Li-Ion battery
  • Our latest TinyBoost™ regulators offer up to 60% smaller total solution size, 30% better load transient response, 40% more output current capability, and up to 8% more efficiency than leading competitors