Portable, Single & Dual Cell Li Battery

Lithium (Li) technology battery operated devices keep medical monitors and equipment portable. The capacity of the battery is determined by its cut-off voltage, load discharge profile need, while the medical monitor or end-equipment' utility is determined by the operating voltage of the circuits using the battery for power. Fairchild offers solutions to work with 1S or 2S configured lithium technology battery devices.

Design Advantages

  • USB-Compliant USB-OTG Battery Charge IC with integrated MOSFET and power path operation that ensures the system rail stability when the charger is plugged in, even if the battery is dead or shorted
  • When advanced Li-Ion battery voltage is below system minimum, TinyBoost™ regulators is designed to provide a minimum output voltage (VOUT(MIN)) from a single-cell Li-Ion battery
  • Latest TinyBoost™ regulators offer up to 60% smaller total solution size, 30% better load transient response, 40% more output current capability, and up to 8% more efficient than leading competitor.

Portable Single and Dual Cell Li Battery Block Diagram

Our family of building blocks for portable single and dual cell lithium battery systems includes: