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As the demands for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and meeting government regulations are increasing, the need for highly efficient electronic systems becomes more and more important. Since electrical motors are the single largest consumer of electrical power and account for between 40 to 50 percent of total global energy consumption, it is essential that motor control solutions are both efficient and reliable. Our constantly expanding product portfolio—combined with manufacturing process enhancements—innovative topologies, and our systems expertise, allow circuit designers to develop the most advanced solutions to meet their needs. We offer a broad range of SPM®, IGBTs, Gate Drivers, PFC-PWM combos, MOSFETs, phototransistors and diodes for every motor control application.

Fairchild Product

BLDC Controller

Engineers who must convert AC motor controls to a BLDC/PMSM solution face significant challenges such as component spend, complex algorithm development, and numerous design cycles during implementation.

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Fairchild Product

Motion SPM® Smart Power Modules

Motion SPM® modules integrate drive and protection circuitry into a single package. Simplify and accelerate your design as you optimize efficiency.

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Fairchild Product

Flyback Converter

Find the controller that offers the optimum combination of standby power and operating efficiency for popular power levels with this reference chart.

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Fairchild Product

mWSaver® Technology

mWSaver Technology combines our most energy efficient process and circuit technologies for power adapter design into this unique

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Fairchild Product

Interleaved PFC Controllers

Intelligent Interleaved Control that enables Unparalleled Performance, Converter Protection and Design Benefits

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Fairchild Product

MDBxS Bridge Rectifiers

Improve Power Supply Efficiency and Reliability With Best-in-Class Rectifier Performance in a Small Package

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Fairchild Product


Fairchild brings designers of power supplies, lighting, display and industrial applications a new generation of 600V Super-Junction MOSFETs — SupreMOS®.

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ApplicationDocument NumberFeatured
Power (W)
Input Voltage
Range (VAC)
Home AppliancePDFRD-354
1500 W1200 V3-Phase Inverter
Home AppliancePDFRD-345
1500W300~400VDCOne Shunt Solution
PMSM Motor Drive SystemPDFRD-401
200 W90~265V AC3-Phase Inverter
180 W85-265VACBCM Boost PFC
PMSM Motor Drive SystemPDFRD-355
600 W90-265 VAC3-Phase Inverter
Home AppliancePDFRD-344
1500W300~400VDCThree Shunt Solution
Home AppliancePDFRD-402
150 W - 200 W300~400 VDC3-Phase Inverter
Home AppliancePDFRD-356
49 W - 110 W400 VDC3-Phase Inverter
System Air Conditioner, Industrial InvertersPDFRD-404
3.2 kW / 440 VAC10 A / 1200 V3-Phase IGBT Inverter
Air Conditioner, Industrial MotorPDFRD-406
3 kW30 A / 600 V3-Phase IGBT Inverter