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Why Choose Fairchild Solutions

Design Feature Rich & Cost Effective Consumer Electronic Products with Fairchild's Solutions.

Designing for consumer applications require semiconductor products that offer more functionalities & higher performance while minimizing power consumption and costs.

Fairchild’s portfolio of high performance and energy efficient power management, analog and mixed signal ICs, and discrete semiconductors help you design feature rich and cost effective consumer electronic products that meet the standards of today's consumers.

Fairchild Product

TinyBuck® DC-DC Regulator

Fairchild's next-generation TinyBuck synchronous buck regulator family provides higher system efficiency, which helps system designers meet tough energy standards and improve battery life while reducing total cost of ownership.

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Fairchild Product

IntelliMAX™ Load Switches

Fairchild's IntelliMAX™, a family of advanced load management switches, offers the unique combination of protections, control, and fault monitoring features.

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Fairchild Product

Power Stage MOSFETs

Reduce Power Supply Area, Increase Power Density

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Fairchild Product

Dual Cool™ Packaging Technology

Fairchild Semiconductor developed the Dual Cool™ packaging for MOSFETs to meet the needs for better thermal characteristics, high current capability, high efficiency, and smaller form factors.

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Fairchild Product

TinyLogic® Devices

Fairchild's TinyLogic® family consists of a broad spectrum of high speed, low power, CMOS single and dual gate logic functions in a choice of seven space saving packages.

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Fairchild Product

Video Switch ICs

Fairchild switches are often used in Set-top Box, DVD and DVR applications to multiplex between source inputs or to isolate circuitry for hot insertion.

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Fairchild Product

USB Switch ICs

Fairchild's USB switches are ideal in any application utilizing a USB port. Functionally and electrically, our switches are ideal for USB port isolation, connector sharing and signal multiplexing.

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Fairchild Product

Analog Switches

Fairchild is the premier supplier for switch products for use in portable and consumer applications.

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Fairchild Product

Multimedia Switch ICs

The two most ubiquitous external interfaces on mobile devices today are the USB interface and the 3.5mm audio jack.

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Fairchild Product

Flyback Converter

Find the controller that offers the optimum combination of standby power and operating efficiency for popular power levels with this reference chart.

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Application NoteDescription
AN-5054Low Noise Leadless Packages Advance Portable Designs
AN-9052Design Guide for Selection of Bootstrap Components
AN-7012FPF2100/7 Evaluation Board Users Guide
AN-7008FPF200X Evaluation Module
AN-600Understanding Latch-up in Advanced CMOS Logic
AN-5059LVDS Technology Solves Typical EMI Problems Associated with Cell Phone Cameras and Displays
AN-7007Simplifying Portable Power Management and Protection Circuit Design Using the FPF200X Integrated Switch Product Family
AN-9761Fully Integrated Input Power Path Management Switch for Dual-Battery Portable System
AN-5064TCLow Icct Analog Switches for Ultra-Portable Designs (Traditional Chinese)
AN-5064Low-ICCT Analog Switches for Ultra-Portable Designs
AN-6044Pop Suppression Techniques Using Analog Switches
AN-9073High-Speed USB Switch Layout Considerations
AN-6095D-PHY MIPI Switches in Multi-Camera / Multi-Display Applications
AN-5065Wide-bandwidth Video Switches Solve High Resolution Video Design Challenges
AN-5007An Introduction to Fairchild Switch Products
AN-996Using the Fairchild Switch as a 5V to 3V Translator
AN-6018Fairchild USB Switch Advantage
AN-6019Fairchild Analog Switch Products ESD Test Methodology Overview
AN-6022TCUsing the FSUSB30/31 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements Traditional Chinese
AN-6022Using the FSUSB30 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements
AN-9716Reset Timers
AN-9740Bi-Directional Translator Architectures
AN-88CMOS Linear Applications
AN-317AC Characteristics of MM74HC High Speed CMOS
AN-310High Speed CMOS (MM74HC) Processing
AN-314Interfacing to MM74HC High-Speed CMOS Logic
AN-319Comparison of MM74HC to 74LS, 74S and 74ALS Logic
AN-313DC Electrical Characteristics of MM74HC High Speed CMOS Logic
AN-376Logic-System Design Techniques Reduce Switching-CMOS Power
AN-368An Introduction to and Comparison of 74HCT TTL Compatible CMOS Logic
AN-5055Portability and Ultra Low Power TinyLogic®
AN-5044Analog Switches with -2V Undershoot Protection
AN-5015USB1T11A Transceiver and Specification Compliance
AN-690Design Innovations Address Advanced CMOS Logic Noise Considerations
AN-737Device Generated Noise Measurement Techniques
AN-5066Improve Your Design with the Adoption of High-Speed USB Switches
AN-393Transmission-Line Effects Influence High-Speed CMOS
AN-817Taking Advantage of ECL Minimum-Skew Clock Drivers
AN-9074C Family Characteristics
AN-389Follow PC-Board Design Guidelines For Lowest CMOS EMI Radiation
AN-5004Low Voltage Device Output Load Specifications, 30pF versus 50pF
AN-680Dynamic Threshold for Advanced CMOS Logic
AN-77CMOS, The Ideal Logic Family
AN-377DC Noise Immunity of CMOS Logic Gates
AN-768ECL Backplane Design
AN-375High-Speed-CMOS Designs Address Noise and I/O Levels
ApplicationDocument NumberFeatured
Power (W)
Input Voltage
Range (VAC)
300 W340-400V/DCAsymmetric PWM Half-Bridge Converter
18.1 W85-265VACFlyback Converter