Solar Inverter


Fairchild Semiconductor's high efficiency solutions for energy harvesting applications include a broad portfolio of components that have been specifically designed and manufactured to fill the needs of next-generation power systems. Fairchild's deep expertise in process technology coupled with innovative topologies, result in complete solutions to your design challenges and offer you high performance, high efficiency and unparalleled reliability at an affordable cost.Our family of building blocks for energy harvesting includes:


Typical Solar Inverter System

Design Advantages

  • IGBTs and MOSFETs featuring high current handling capability and low conduction and switching loss.
  • Optically isolated gate drivers with wide operating voltage range and high common-mode transient immunity.
  • High-voltage gate drivers with excellent noise immunity, high dv/dt and low power consumption.
  • Optimized for Solar Inverter, UPS, Welder and SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) applications, Fairchild broad family of IGBTs offer low VSAT and EOFF, and enable systems to achieve high efficiency with less EMI and better control.
  • Our mWattSaver fly back controllers provide auxiliary bias power supplies with industry-lowest standby power consumption.