Critical Embedded Power

Fairchild offers a full line of solutions for telecommunication industrial applications. The products cover off-line and isolated power converters to non-isolated power converters. The off-line and isolated solutions include flyback converters, LLC converters, and SR Controllers. The non-isolated DC-DC solutions cover step-up and step-down converters with and without integrated switches for all the internal chipsets' needs.

Design Advantages

  • Design circuit simplified with high voltage start-up circuit internal
  • Input Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) / Output Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Thermal Shutdown (TSD) Protection / Short-Circuit Detection
  • Excellent efficiency / small form factor
  • Constant current mode and constant voltage mode available with one single chip
  • Excellent PF and low THD
  • Pulse skipping for frequency limiting operation under light load condition
  • Save board space and reduce manufacturing cost
  • PowerTrench® MOSFET technology enables high-power density for high efficiency solutions providing the lowest RDS ON available, improved FOM and lower power dissipation.
  • TinyBuck® POL regulators with integrated PWM controller, driver and MOSFETs optimize performance and energy savings.
  • High-voltage SuperFET® II super-junction MOSFETs provide robust body diode performance for designs requiring high-power density, system efficiency and reliability.
  • Extensive portfolio of board level analog and mixed signal ICs that facilitate your design work.
Application NoteDescription
AN-4107Design of Power Factor Correction Using FAN7527
AN-3008RC Snubber Networks for Thyristor Power Control and Transient Suppression
AN-558Introduction to Power MOSFETs and their Applications
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AN-4147Design Guidelines for RCD Snubber of Flyback Converters
AN-42007Safety, EMI and RFI Considerations
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Power (W)
Input Voltage
Range (VAC)
Power Supply LCD TVPDFRD-212
192 W340-400V/DCLLC Resonant Half-Bridge Converter