Travel Adapters

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The design of a light, high-performance, compact AC/DC travel adapter worthy of accompanying today’s aesthetically designed, cutting edge, power-hungry mobile devices is a key challenge for power engineers. Fairchild’s mobile power management solutions drive efficiency while simplifying system design, reducing board space, improving system reliability, and accelerating your time to market.

Our proprietary in-house silicon power processes allow us to develop industry-leading products to give your design the edge you're looking for. Getting the performance you need is assured with a full complement of protection features, minimal external components, excellent standby power consumption and energy efficiency to satisfy DoE6 and CoC-Tier2 requirements. You’ll find everything available from Fairchild, from primary side controllers, synchronous rectifiers and fast-charging protocol controllers to a full portfolio of Type-C products supported by the most knowledgeable and extensive support network in the industry.

Featured Products

Part IDDescriptionPackageDownload
FAN501Offline DCM / CCM Flyback PWM controller for charger applicationsMLP 3x4 10LDatasheetSamples
FAN501AOffline DCM / CCM Flyback PWM controller for charger applicationsMLP 3x4 10LDatasheetSamples
FAN302HLMY_F117mWSaver™ PWM controller for low-standby power battery charger applicationsSO 8L NBDatasheetSamples
FAN302ULPrimary Side Regulation PWM controllerSO 8L NBDatasheetSamples
FAN103WPrimary Side Regulation PWM controller SO 8L NBDatasheetSamples
FAN103Primary-Side-Regulation PWM controllerSO 8L NBDatasheetSamples
FAN100Primary-Side-Regulation PWM controllerSO 8L NBDatasheetSamples
FAN102Primary-Side-Regulation PWM controller with CV and CC controlSO 8L NBDatasheetSamples
FAN400ALow-power Green-Mode PWM Flyback power controller without secondary feedbackSSOT 6LDatasheetSamples

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Travel Adpaters

Fairchild Product

Flyback Converter

Find the controller that offers the optimum combination of standby power and operating efficiency for popular power levels with this reference chart.

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Fairchild Product

IntelliMAX™ Load Switches

Fairchild's IntelliMAX™, a family of advanced load management switches, offers the unique combination of protections, control, and fault monitoring features.

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Fairchild Product

AccuPower™ Load Switches

Need your design to handle higher input voltages while meeting higher efficiency requirements utilizing less board space? Need it done fast?

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Fairchild Product

mWSaver® Technology

mWSaver Technology combines our most energy efficient process and circuit technologies for power adapter design into this unique

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Fairchild Product

TinyBuck® DC-DC Regulator

Fairchild's next-generation TinyBuck synchronous buck regulator family provides higher system efficiency, which helps system designers meet tough energy standards and improve battery life while reducing total cost of ownership.

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Fairchild Product

USB Switch ICs

Fairchild's USB switches are ideal in any application utilizing a USB port. Functionally and electrically, our switches are ideal for USB port isolation, connector sharing and signal multiplexing.

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