Why Choose Fairchild Solutions

Xsens, now part of Fairchild, is recognized as a world leader in 3D motion tracking and wearable sensors, and provides a complete range of motion tracking solutions to a variety of industries from gaming to Hollywood to wearable devices.

Our upcoming motion tracking chipsets (stay tuned) are poised to turn the wearables industry on its head. Unlike  first-generation wearable technologies that focused on counting users' steps and estimating calories, Fairchild's technologies will enable accurate, real-time tracking of body motion. One or more wearable motion trackers, connected to a smartphone, deliver real-time 3D joint angles, position and velocity.

Wearable 3D body motion tracking is enabling the next wave of innovation in cloud-connected wearable sports, fitness, healthcare and gaming sensor accessories for smartphones. Real-time 3D body motion data enables the development of apps that can recognize and classify complex motions such as sports techniques by digitizing your exact movements for immediate feedback and live sharing.

Fairchild Product

Analog Switches

Fairchild is the premier supplier for switch products for use in portable and consumer applications.

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Fairchild Product

Bus Switches

Fairchild Switch is a family of low-impedance bus switch, bus exchange, multiplexer/de-multiplexer and analog switches that provide high-speed switching.

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Fairchild Product

TinyBuck® DC-DC Regulator

Fairchild's next-generation TinyBuck synchronous buck regulator family provides higher system efficiency, which helps system designers meet tough energy standards and improve battery life while reducing total cost of ownership.

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Fairchild Product

USB Switch ICs

Fairchild's USB switches are ideal in any application utilizing a USB port. Functionally and electrically, our switches are ideal for USB port isolation, connector sharing and signal multiplexing.

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Fairchild Product

Audio Switches

Fairchild's audio switches offer various levels of On Resistance (as low as 0.35ohms), small scale packaging (as small as 1.45mm sqd) and are available in the most common switch configurations.

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AN-6022Using the FSUSB30 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements
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