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Committed to a long product life cycle and high-end technology development, Fairchild delivers quality and reliability, acting as your technology and business partner. Our broad and deep power portfolios offer crucial cost- and energy-saving solutions that address the demanding requirements of a diverse range of low, medium and high power welding machine and induction heating application requirements.

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Flyback Converter

Find the controller that offers the optimum combination of standby power and operating efficiency for popular power levels with this reference chart.

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Fairchild Product

Low-Side Gate Drivers

The FAN31xx and FAN32xx series of high-speed, low-side gate drivers offers flexibility for power supply designs, providing a wide selection of performance and packaging combinations to create compact, highly efficient and reliable power supplies.

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Fairchild Product

mWSaver® Technology

mWSaver Technology combines our most energy efficient process and circuit technologies for power adapter design into this unique

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Fairchild recently added the SuperFET II MOSFET family using the latest Super Junction Technology to the high-voltage power MOSFET portfolio.

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Fairchild brings designers of power supplies, lighting, display and industrial applications a new generation of 600V Super-Junction MOSFETs — SupreMOS®.

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Application NoteDescription
AN-6206Primary-Side Synchronous Rectifier (SR) Trigger Solution for Dual-Forward Converter
AN-4150Design Guidelines for Flyback Converters Using FSQ-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-9034Power MOSFET Avalanche Guideline
AN-4137Design Guidelines for Offline Flyback Converters using FPS™
AN-6069Application Review and Comparative Evaluation of Low-Side Gate Driver
AN-400ALow-Power Green-Mode PWM Flyback Power Controller without Secondary Feedback
AN-6032FAN4800 Combo Controller Applications
AN-8027FAN480X PFC+PWM Combination Controller Application
AN-6083Highly Integrated, Dual-PWM Combination Controller
AN-8102Recommendations to Avoid Short Pulse Width Issues in HVIC Gate Driver Applications
AN-6076Design and Application Guide of Bootstrap Circuit for High-Voltage Gate-Drive IC
AN-42047Power Factor Correction (PFC) Basics
AN-6086Design Consideration for Interleaved Boundary Conduction Mode PFC Using FAN9611 / FAN9612
AN-4151Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Design Using FSFR-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-9725Robust Body Diode Characteristics of the Latest Power MOSFETs, UniFET™ II for Resonant Converters
AN-7536FCS Fast Body Diode MOSFET for Phase-Shifted ZVS PWM Full Bridge DC/DC Converter
AN-4155Fairchilds Second-Generation, Field-Stop, Shorted-Anode, Trench IGBTs for Induction Heating Applications
AN-1031Considerations in Designing the Printed Circuit Boards of Embedded Switching Power Supplies
AN-7017Reducing Power Losses in MOSFETs by Controlling Gate Parameters
AN-8024Applying Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) FSBH-series to Standby Auxiliary Power Supply
AN-4153Designing Asymmetric PWM Half-Bridge Converters with a Current Doubler and Synchronous Rectifier using FSFA-Series Fairchild Power Switches (FPS™)
AN-4140Transformer Design Consideration for Offline Flyback Converters Using Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-4141Troubleshooting and Design Tips for Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) Flyback Applications
AN-4148Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications
AN-4159Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL336LR
AN-41761 kV SenseFET Integrated Power Switch
AN-7520Numerical Method for Evaluating IGBT Losses
AN-9012Induction Heating System Topology Review
AN-7517Practical Aspects of Using PowerMOS Transistors to Drive Inductive Loads
AN-9020IGBT Basic II
AN-6060Guidelines on Leadforming, Trimming Lead Length, and Heatsink Mounting
AN-7512Parallel Operation Of Insulated Gate Transistors
AN-9742Devices selection guide for Half-Bridge Welding Machine [IGBT & Diode]
AN-7505Improved IGBTs with Fast Switching Speed And High-Current Capability
AN-FEBFSL306LRN-CS03User Guide for FEBFSL306LRN_CS03U01A Evaluation Board
AN-9016IGBT Basics 1
AN-6753Highly Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller
AN-5844Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL306LR
AN-7531Implementing A Primary Side Peak-Current-Mode Half-Bridge Converter
AN-4147Design Guidelines for RCD Snubber of Flyback Converters