LED Driver Design Tools

These excel-based design tools enable users to design LED drivers using Fairchild's LED Controller products.

Note: MyFairchild registration is required to download the excel design tools.

Product DetailsExcel
Design Tool
FL7701DownloadPDFNon Isolation PFC BuckSO-8
FL7730DownloadPDFPSR PFC Flyback with DimmingSO-8
FL7732DownloadPDFPSR PFC Buck-Boost without DimmingSO-8
FL7732DownloadPDFPSR PFC Flyback without DimmingSO-8
FL7734DownloadPDFPSR PFC Buck-Boost with DimmingSO-16
FL7734DownloadPDFPSR PFC Flyback with DimmingSO-16
FL77904DownloadPhase-cut Dimmable Compact LED Direct AC DriverSOIC 8L
FL77905DownloadPDFAnalog / PWM / Phase-cut Dimmable Compact LED Direct AC DriverSOIC 8L
FL77944DownloadPDFAnalog/PWM Dimmable High Power LED Direct AC DriverSOIC 16L