Quality & Reliability

Quality & Reliability

Reliable, high quality products and services are fundamental to Fairchild’s mission and values. Our commitment to quality is manifest in our goals to delight our customers, provide great products, and engage employees. This quality commitment is supported by executive management and all
Fairchild employees worldwide.

Our quality systems ensure we meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.  These systems are defined by our Corporate Quality Manual and operationalized in our design and manufacturing of products and in the support of our customers. Our quality systems are not static, improvement and innovation of our process and systems as well as our products are paramount to our mission. In support of our goal of making the world a cleaner and smarter place, we meet or exceed all required international quality and environmental requirements. We constantly verify that ourselves and our suppliers meet these requirements.

We depend on our suppliers and subcontractors, their quality is as important to us as our own. They must meet the same quality and environmental standards that we meet. We work with them to ensure compliance to these requirements and to improve their processes.

The Power to Amaze in Quality

At Fairchild, quality is on top of the priority list and a clear focus for management at every level. Across all assembly and test sites, there is an aggressive drive for continuous quality improvement with an emphasis on a unified approach and solution. This results in a standard quality process across the company, regardless of factory location. With everyone in the process taking responsibility for quality, improvement efforts are being undertaken at multiple fronts …

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