Fairchild Quality Systems

New Technology and Product - A proven phased development approach with technical data reviews and design validation conducted at the completion of each development step is used for product and new technology development. Reliability qualification on new technology and products performed using physics based (wafer level) and stress (JEDEC / AEC industry standards) testing.

Manufacturing - All fab and assembly sites utilize statistical process controls and maverick lot detection to provide product consistency. Continuous improvement of processes and systems using Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing programs are active in all manufacturing sites. All manufacturing locations certified to ISO9001/TS16949 industry standards. Wafer level reliability and product reliably monitoring programs insure our process maintain our quality standards

Customer Support - Is provided by regionally based Quality Engineers conducting pro-active customer quality requirements reviews, qualification support, process change notifications, and resolution of product performance issues.

Supplier Quality - All Fairchild materials, wafer and assembly suppliers and subcontractors are require to meet Fairchild quality standards and be ISO/TS certified. Fairchild works with suppliers on a regular basis with compliance audits and for improvement activities reviews.

Fairchild Quality & Reliability System Model

Quality & Reliability System Model