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Top mark refers to the device identification mark found on Fairchild Semiconductor packages. It is used for determining whether a product is genuine and matches your order.

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Certain top marks refer to manufacturing date and assembly plant, and their values are dynamic
This search tool uses symbols, e.g. &Y, to stand for dynamic top marks
In search results, static marks are displayed in plain text, while dynamic marks are displayed in bold font with short descriptive text in parenthesis as link to help webpage

Top Mark Convention Symbol Legend

Symbol Format Description
$Y FS Fairchild Semiconductor (FSC) logo graphic
&Z Z Designates the Assembly plant code
&4 XXYY 4-Digit Date code format (Year and Week)
&3 XYY 3-Digit Date code format (Year and Week)
&2 XY 2-Digit Date code format (Year and Week)
&X YY 2-Digit weekly date code format (Week)
&1 Y 1-Digit Weekly Date code format (Week)
&G Y 1-Digit Weekly Date Code (Week)
&T TT Die Run Traceability Code
&W ---- Six-Week Binary Datecoding Scheme
&V --- Eight-Week Binary Datecoding Scheme
&Y ---- Binary Calendar Year Coding Scheme
&C T Single digit Die Run Code (last digit of the two digit code)
&S SS Wafer Sort Code
&E    Designates Space
&. . Pin one dot (For SC70, SOT23, MLP binary marking type and WLCSP)
&A A Inspector Lot Number
&B BBBBB Five-digit Die Run Code
&D DD Die Step Rev.
&F F Fab Process/Cyrix only
&L LL Test Location
&M L Mil-aero Test Location
&N P-T-Number Process Traveler
&H Lot Number Last 3 digit of Workstream lot number
&O Plant Code identifier on Tiny Logic Package
&P P-T-Number CPL Designator
&R Die-Run--- Wafer Lot / Die Run
$E > ESD Symbol
$. 1 Character oversize dot
$C C Copyright Symbol
$A    Enhanced Lower Pkg MRK FMTS 53, 55, 57
$D () Dolby Symbol
$F T T Inscribed in Circle
$G    Enhanced Top MRK; Formats 53, 55, 57
$M M M inscribed in Circle
$N NS Standard NS Logo
$R R Standard Registered Symbol
$T TM Trade Mark in Superscript
$X    Special logo graph Dwg-52 series
  / Designator for Rg test tested product
&J J Designator for lead free finish type
&K KK 2-Digits Lot Run Traceability Code
$U RU UL Recognized Component Marks for Canada
$S C RU US UL Recognized Component Marks for the United States
$H RH Right hand justified mark lay-out.
$J Jianke Customer logo for Jianke (Automotive device)

Top Mark Example

Line 1: &Y (Binary Year)

Line 2: &O (Plant Code) 1234&C (Die Run)

Line 3: &. (Pin One) &O (Plant Code) &E (Space) &V (Binary Week)

Top Mark Example

SMA/SMB/SMC Products

Line 1: $Y (Logo) &Z (Assembly Plant) &3 (Date Code)

Line 2: SMD

Top Mark Products