2013 Q3 Mobile Minutes Newsletter

Seamless Power Management and Battery Switching with IntelliMAX™

Fairchild Semiconductor's IntelliMAX family of advanced load management switches help designers increase system protection and reduce complexity in their designs while achieving greater system power and reliability. With features such as slew rate control to prevent inrush currents, over-current limit and thermal shutdown protection, reverse current blocking and low operating input voltage, six new IntelliMAX smart load switches address the dynamic power challenges of light industrial applications with one-chip, off-the-shelf solutions that reduce component counts and increase efficiency.


The FPF1039 and FPF1048 switches demonstrate low ON-resistance for power path management and exceptionally low shutdown current drain to help facilitate compliance in low-standby power applications such as smart devices and portable storage devices that require a high current capability.

The FPF1039 and FPF1048 switches offer:

  • True Reverse Current Blocking (TRCB) function (FPF1048B) obstructs unwanted reverse current
  • Input voltage ranges support a wide range of applications
  • Low-shutdown current drain facilitates compliance in low-standby power applications

The FPF1320 and FPF1321 switches perform seamless power-source transitions between two input power rails using the SEL pin with advanced break-before-make operation. These devices are designed to interface directly with low-voltage control signal general purpose input output (GIPO) applications and wireless charging applications with a dual-input single-output (DISO) load switch.

The FPF1320 and FPF1321 switches offer:

  • Advanced break-before-make operation enables seamless power-source transitions between two input power rails
  • Low input voltage range allows direct interface and aligns easily with the requirements of low-voltage portable device power rails
  • Slew-rate-controlled turn-on characteristic prevents inrush current and the resulting excessive voltage droop on the power rails

The FPF2165R and FPF2195 switches are full-function load switches with adjustable current limits, making them well suited for applications with physical connectors like USB and HDMI™ devices that may encounter large current conditions.

The FPF2165R and FPF2195 switches offer:

  • Constant-current mode protects against current damage and maintains limited current after a current limit fault
  • Reverse current blocking prevents unwanted reverse current when the device is turned off
  • Thermal shutdown protection prevents damage to the part when a continuous over-current condition causes excessive heating


  • Media tablets
  • Mobile handsets
  • Wireless LAN card & Broadband access
  • PMP/MP3 player
  • Storage & peripherals
  • Other wired communications

Small Size PowerTrench® MOSFETs for Ultra-Portable Designs

Fairchild's single P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFETs offer designers a small-sized battery or load switching solution, with excellent thermal characteristics. The FDMA905P and FDME905PT feature low on-state resistance in a low-profile MicroFET™ package (0.8 mm and 0.55 mm max, respectively). Each device offers exceptional thermal performance for its physical size and is well suited for linear mode applications.


  • Saves board space with MicroFET package
  • Low-profile package
  • Guaranteed low DS(ON) at 4.5 V/2.5 V/1.8 V VGS
  • Excellent thermal performance


  • Handsets
  • Ultraportable devices


Application Notes

Fairchild Offers an Unmatched Portfolio of Analog and Power Technologies for Mobile Applications

Fairchild's leading mobile technology offers a substantial portfolio of power, analog and mixed-signal standard and customized products—with advanced process, packaging and form factor advantages. Our MobileLAB highlights a subsystem and delivers technical resources and detailed techniques to help with your designs.

USB Detection

USB Detection Solutions

Product Name Datasheet Sample
FSA831A USB2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps) Charger Detection with Isolation Switch
FSA9485 USB Port Multimedia Switch Featuring Automatic Switching and Accessory Detection
FSA831 USB2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps) Charger Detection with Isolation Switch
FSA832 USB2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps) Charger Detection with Isolation Switch
FSA9285 MCPC-Compliant, USB-Port, Multimedia Switch with Auto-Detection
FSA881 USB Port 2:1 Switch with Accessory and Charger Detection
FSA880 USB Port 2:1 Switch with Accessory and Charger Detection
FSA9280A USB 2.0 Accessory Detection Switch w/ 28 Vfe

Additional Resources

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White Paper: "Technical Solutions for Using Multiple Devices on a Micro USB Port"
Authors: Oscar Freitas, Applications/Systems Engineer
Jim Siulinski, Application/Systems Engineer

Over time, cell phone manufacturers require more than one connection to the USB port, typically when more than one processor needs access to the outside world or to transmit digital video and audio. The data lines on the USB connector need to be multiplexed to serve this multi-access topology. This paper will discuss ways to solve design challenges around data transfer, battery charging or even factory testing.


Fairchild USB Solutions

This video demonstrates how Fairchild's USB solutions take the guesswork out today's advanced mobile device designs.

Haptic Drivers

This video demonstrates Fairchild's high-performance haptic drivers that are designed specifically for mobile phone and other hand-held devices. Learn how to easily configure them using our easy-to-use software GUI.

RF Power Management

Extend battery life and talk time, as well as support low voltage batteries without sacrificing any RF performance with Fairchild's RF power management technology.

Published Articles

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Electronics World
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Solutions for Mobile Audio Fidelity and Functionality

Electronic Products
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In the mobile market, audio fidelity and functionality continue to drive new innovations for listening to music, watching movies, or placing a phone call. As a result, semiconductor suppliers have been challenged to create audio solutions that meet these requirements for audio ports and headsets. This article will describe some of the new solutions including the reduction of various types of click-and-pop and conforming to different world standards for headsets.