AccuPower™ Load Switch Series

Need your design to handle higher input voltages while meeting higher efficiency requirements utilizing less board space? Need it done fast?

AccuPower™ will handle a voltage range up to 36V while maintaining efficiency, and delivering a drop-in integrated solution, requiring less space and less time to design in.

AccuPower™ is Industry-First 2.8V to 36V Integrated Load Switches Provide Robust Protection and Simplify Power Management Design. AccuPower™ Load Switch Family Ideal for Industrial, Computing and Portable Designs.

Devices in the AccuPower™ series of load switches include the FPF2700FPF2701 and FPF2702. Unlike current solutions that require discrete MOSFETs plus external protection circuitry, devices in the AccuPower™ series of load switches feature built-in protection to eliminate as many as four additional devices, saving over 70 percent board space.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Reduced design and manufacturing cost
  • Save over 70% board space and reduce parts count
  • Reduced complexity in power management design, resulting in faster time to market
  • Combination of protection, control, and fault monitoring function in a small package

Key Features

  • 2.8V to 36V Wide Input Range
  • Low Ron 90mΩ @ Vin=5V/12V
  • 0.4A~2A Adjustable Current Limit
  • Fixed Slew Rate Control, Tr=7.5ms
  • Adjustable Undervoltage Lockout
  • Low IQ, 60uA typ.
  • Power-Good Output
  • Available in 3x3 MLP and SO8 Packaging

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AccuPower™ Load Switches

Integration, Protection and Performance
AccuPower Diagram

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Fairchild offers AccuPower™ evaluation and demo boards.
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