BLDC Controller

On January 30, 2015, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation sold its BLDC/PMSM motor control product line to Spintrol Limited. A complete list of the products sold is below.

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FCM8531 (Orderable part numbers: FCM8531RQY, FCM8531QY)
FCM8202 (Orderable part number: FCM8202QY)
FCM8201 (Orderable part number: FCM8201QY)

Engineers who must convert AC motor controls to a BLDC/PMSM solution face significant challenges such as component spend, complex algorithm development, and numerous design cycles during implementation.

Fairchild's hybrid BLDC/PMSM solution represents the industry's highest level of hardware and software integration. This easy-to-use system eliminates the software burden; provides high efficiency, fast response and optimized motor control functions for competitive advantages; and enables the fastest possible time to market.

Why Choose Fairchild's BLDC/PMSM Solution

Using a Parallel Processing Architecture, Fairchild's analog and digital hybrid solution offers:

  • Minimized Software Effort- Fairchild provides a configurable AMC core for motor control to allow engineers time to focus on their jobs without the need to develop the complex algorithms for motor control, such as FOC.
  • Robust Performance- Real time cycle-by-cycle current protections detect and turn off PWM signals in microseconds to prevent system damage. Unlike MCU based controllers, it functions consistently with no software effort.

Motor Control Development System (MCDS)

Fairchild's Motor Control Development System (MCDS) consists of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a MCDS programming kit. Together, they provide an integrated software engineering platform that facilitates the rapid development of motor control programs.

  • The MCDS is a set of functions that allow engineers to configure the AMC and develop codes for embedded MCU.
    • Major functions include:
    • Registers configuration
    • Code generator
    • Compiler interface
    • On-Chip Debug (OCDS)
    • In-System Programming (ISP)
    • Motor tuning support
    • Available AMC libraries include:
    • Sinusoidal sensorless FOC with speed integral
    • Sinusoidal sensorless FOC with sliding mode
    • Sinusoidal control with Hall sensors
  • Easy-to-Use MCDS-IDE - The MCDS-IDE enables the timely achievement of design goals and can be used together with the MCDS programming kit supplied by Fairchild to quickly complete programming of codes to allow real-time tuning of motor operation signals.
    • Project management
    • A code generator that supports various compilers
    • Code that can be viewed and edited using the source code editor
    • A third-party compiler interface that is integrated, meaning that you can flexibly use the compiling program you are accustomed to.
    • An in-system programming to program firmware onto chips quickly
    • A real-time tuning tool of motor operation signals, making subsequent efficiency adjustments faster

Complete System Solution to Complete Your Motor Control System

We provide all the key functional building blocks to complete your motor control system. These include:

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