FET Plus Driver Multi-Chip Module

Fairchild Semiconductor's DrMOS, the FDMFxxxx Series, is a complete family of fully optimized, integrated FET plus Driver multi-chip power stage modules designed for multiple synchronous Buck converter applications.

These multi-chip modules have been expertly designed to achieve the optimum solution for a given application by using components that have been matched electrically, thermally and mechanically.

Fairchild's DrMOS modules are available in two packages (MLP):


  • Ultra-dense Servers
  • Blade servers
  • Advanced gaming systems
  • Desktop Computers
  • Point of load (POL) converters

DrMOS Performance Compared to Discrete Solutions

DrMOS Solution
AreaDiscrete SolutionDrMOS SolutionRemarks
System EfficiencyLowHighDue to optimization of internal components, DrMOS delivers higher efficiency compared to conventional discrete solutions.  This helps designers to meet the higher efficiency demands from government regulatory programs such as Energy Star™.
Board AreaLargeSmallDrMOS reduces board area in more than 72%.
Switching FrequencyLowHighLower parasitics allow DrMOS to switch at higher frequencies, further reducing PCB area in severely space constrained applications.
Part CountHighLowDrMOS reduces part count in more than 33%, speeding up the process of component selection and qualification.
System DesignDifficultEasyDrMOS eliminates the need of designers to match the right driver IC with the right MOSFET combination. This reduces design time and accelerates time to market.

Also, a DrMOS solution has fewer failure points than a conventional discrete solution. This reduces troubleshooting time and speeds up the overall product development cycle.
GoodBetterDrMOS solutions offer less pick and place time, less final test time and less raw material.