Dual Cool™ Packaging

As DC-DC applications, such as power modules, telecommunications and servers, become more space-constrained, designers are looking for smaller devices to meet their design challenges. Fairchild Semiconductor developed the Dual Cool™ packaging for MOSFETs to meet the needs for better thermal characteristics, high current capability, high efficiency, and smaller form factors.

The Dual Cool package is a top-side cooling PQFN device that incorporates new packaging technology which enables additional power dissipation through the top of the package resulting in more than 60 percent higher power dissipation capability than standard PQFN packaging when a heat sink is mounted.

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Key Features of Fairchild's Dual Cool™ Packaging

  • More than 60% better power dissipation
  • Highest power density for DC-DC applications
  • Lower operating temperature increases reliability
  • Available in Dual Cool 88 (8 x 8 mm), Dual Cool 56 (5 x 6 mm), and Dual Cool 33 (3.3 x 3.3 mm) packaging options

Key Benefits

Maximum Power Dissipation
  • Highest power density for DC-DC applications
  • Use with or without a heatsink, reducing the number of qualified components in the AVL
  • Multiple suppliers without cross licensing requirements
  • Industry-standard PQFN footprint allows power engineers to rapidly qualify MOSFETs in Dual Cool packaging


  • DC-DC synchronous buck conversion
  • Desktop, Notebook, and Server
  • Motor Drive
  • Telecommunications, routing, and switching


Part IDBVdss (V)RDSon at 10V (mΩ)PackageDatasheetsSamples
FDMS8570SDC252.8Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMC8588DC255.7Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMC2512SDC252Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMC2514SDC253.5Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMS7650DC300.99Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMS3006SDC301.9Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMS3008SDC302.6Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMS3016DC306Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMC7660DC302.2Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMC3020DC306.25Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMS8320LDC401.1Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMC8321LDC402.5Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMT80060DC601.1Dual Cool 88PDF Samples
FDMS86500DC602.3Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMC86520DC606.3Dual Cool 33PDF Samples
FDMT80080DC801.35Dual Cool 88PDF Samples
FDMS86300DC803.1Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMT800100DC1002.95Dual Cool 88PDF Samples
FDMS86101DC1007.5Dual Cool 56PDF Samples
FDMT800120DC1204.2Dual Cool 88PDF Samples
FDMT800150DC1506.5Dual Cool 88PDF Samples
FDMT800152DC1509Dual Cool 88PDF Samples
FDMS86200DC15017Dual Cool 56PDF Samples