GreenBridge™ Quad-MOSFET Solutions

Higher Efficiency, Better Thermal Performance

GreenBridge™ active bridge quad-MOSFETs lower conduction losses and improve power conversion efficiency in a smaller form factor for high-power PoE applications. The FDMQ8205 family is comprised of two N-channel and two P-channel 80V-rated MOSFETs in a single, small MLP-12 package.

With improved conduction loss and superior efficiency compared to a conventional Schottky bridge, GreenBridge solutions provide up to 10 times better power dissipation. A novel self-driving technique eliminates the need for external drive components which reduces solution size, cost and complexity in active bridge applications.

PoE System Diagram

PoE System Diagram


  • Higher efficiency and lower conduction losses
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Reduced board space and lower system costs
  • PoE standards compliance


  • Security cameras
  • IP phones
  • Wireless access points
  • LED lighting

Power Loss Comparison

Power loss comparison

Voltage Drop Comparison

Voltage drop comparison


Part IDDescriptionDrive
Total Conduction
Resistance @ 25°C (mΩ)
FDMQ8205GreenBridge 2 seriesInternalN&P = 169 PDFSamples
FDMQ8203GreenBridge 1 seriesExternalN&P = 300PDFSamples
FDMQ8403GreenBridge 1 seriesExternalN&N = 220PDFSamples