IntelliMAX™ Load Switches

Fairchild's IntelliMAX™, a family of advanced load management switches, offers the unique combination of protections, control, and fault monitoring features. Utilizing Fairchild's advanced packaging technology, smallest package solutions in the market are available in WL-CSPMLPSOT-23 and SC-70. They are also lead free (Pb-free) and are RoHS/green compliant products.

IntelliMAX Full Function Load Switch w/ Reverse Current Blocking

Intellimax Diagram

Features & Benefits

  • Fast current limit response time
  • Wide operating voltage range (1.2V-20.V)
  • Slew rate control to reduce in-rush current
  • Under-voltage lockout for system protection
  • Options for reverse current blocking capability
  • Integrated fixed and adjustable current-limit value
  • Low shutdown current to conserve critical battery life
  • Thermal shutdown to reduce excessive heating or system damage
  • Optional flag for fault conditions, fault blanking and auto re-start to optimize fault condition management

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