Low-Side Gate Drivers

The FAN31xx and FAN32xx series of high-speed, low-side gate drivers offers flexibility for power supply designs, providing a wide selection of performance and packaging combinations to create compact, highly efficient and reliable power supplies.

  • Industry's smallest packages (2mm x 2mm and 3mm x 3mm MLP Packages)
  • Standard leaded packages (SOT23-5 and SOIC-8)
  • Choice of TTL or CMOS input thresholds for all devices for best compatibility
  • 2 inputs for each channel for design flexibility: either Dual-input (+ and – logic), Inverting and Enable, or Non-inverting and Enable
  • Short and well-controlled time delays for 1MHz+ switching, paralleling drivers, and optimizing drive timing to maximize efficiency

FAN31xx Sample Diagram

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