MDBxS Bridge Rectifiers

Improve Power Supply Efficiency and Reliability With Best-in-Class Rectifier Performance in a Small Package

To address today's ever-present need to improve power supply efficiency and reliability, Fairchild designed the MDBxS family of rectifiers to deliver best-in-class efficiency and performance in an impressively small form factor. The MDBxS family of rectifiers offers designers an industry-leading balance of efficiency, size and cost—achieving VF of 0.935V Typ. at 1A 25 °C, and a VF of 1.165 V Typ. at 5A 25 °C. These lower VF values offer roughly a 5% efficiency improvement over measured competitive equivalent form factor devices, resulting in cooler and more efficient power supply operation. Additionally, Fairchild's MDBxS device design support a 30A IFSM rating to absorb high surge currents and offers rated breakdown voltages up to 1000V. And finally, the MDBxS family of rectifiers achieves this higher performance in a small form factor micro-dip package, offering a maximum height of 1.6mm, and requiring only 35mm2 of board space.


  • Low profile: 1.6mm max
  • Small area requirements: 35 mm2
  • Higher Efficient (Lower VF):
    • 0.93V (Typ) at 1A
    • 1.16V (Typ) at 5A
  • IF(AV) = 1.0A
  • IFSM = 30A
  • 600, 800, and 1000V ratings
  • Glass passivated junctions
  • RohS-compliant
  • Halogen-free
  • Micro-dip package

Key Applications

  • 5-10 watt chargers and power supplies
  • LED lighting
  • 1N4001 to 1N4007 SMT replacements

Competitive Comparison

S1x Rectifiers Competitive Comparison Chart