MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

The FIS1100 is the world's first consumer IMU to provide pitch, roll, and yaw specifications. It comes bundled with Fairchild's high-performance 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, XKF3™, and includes an on-chip AttitudeEngine™ motion processor for longer battery life, easy adoption, and enhanced user experience. It's ideal for a range of applications such as wearable sensors for sports, fitness, and health; pedestrian navigation; autonomous robots; and virtual and augmented reality.

AttitudeEngine™ Processor

The AttitudeEngine processes 6-axis inertial data at a high rate internally and outputs to the host processor at a lower rate matching the application needs, eliminating the need for high-frequency interrupts. This allows the system processor to remain in sleep-mode longer, providing longer battery life without compromises in functionality or accuracy.

XKF3™ Software

The bundled XKF3 high-performance 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms combine inertial sensor data from the on-chip gyroscopes and accelerometers and data from an external magnetometer. The sensor fusion also includes background auto calibration that enables excellent performance in terms of accuracy, consistency, and fluidity. When combined with the XKF3 sensor fusion algorithms, the FIS1100 is the world’s first complete consumer inertial measurement unit with orientation (quaternion) specifications featuring pitch and roll accuracy of ±3° and yaw accuracy of ±5°.

FIS1100 Resources

Eval Kit
User Guide
Install Guide

Key Features

  • 16-bit ADCs and a wide programmable dynamic range from ±32dps to ±2,560dps for angular rate sensing, and ±2 g to ±8 g for linear acceleration sensing
  • Large 1536 byte FIFO can be used to buffer 9-DOF sensor data to lower system power dissipation
  • Low noise 50 µg/√Hz accelerometer and a 10 mdps/√Hz gyroscope
  • -45°C to +85°C operation
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Host interface supporting I²C or SPI
  • I²C master for interfacing to an external magnetometer

Power Consumption Graph
The FIS1100 with its AttitudeEngine motion processor can reduce system power by a factor of 10 compared to a generic IMU implementation.


The FIS1100 comes in a 3.3 x 3.3 x 1 mm package and has an analog supply range of 2.4 V to 3.0 V, and an I/O voltage range of 1.62 V to 1.98 V.

FIS1100 Package


Motion-enabled, battery-powered applications