History of Innovation and MOSFET Technology Leadership

Fairchild was an early pioneer of trench MOSFETs in the 1990s. Since then we have been perfecting MOSFET technology and manufacturing to develop a large portfolio of thousands of products for any application. Fairchild’s MOSFETs deliver best-in-class performance, high FOM (figure of merit), and pin-to-pin compatibility for ease of use. Designers continue to choose our MOSFETs for high quality and reliability, design support and consistent availability.

Low Voltage <30V
Fairchild has the widest range of low-voltage N- and P-channel MOSFETs for various applications including DC/DC conversion,hot swap, and load switching. See entire low voltage portfolio

Mid Voltage 30V – 250V
Fairchild’s mid-voltage MOSFETs offer low switched node ringing enabled by advanced trench process using Shielded Gate technology. See entire Mid voltage portfolio

High Voltage >250V to 1700V
Fairchild’s family of planar, trench and SuperJunction high-voltage MOSFETs are designed for high efficiency and ruggedness. See entire high voltage portfolio

Part IDBVdss (V)RDSon at
10V (mΩ)
Low Voltage
FDMS7556S25V1.2 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDMS8050ET3030V0.65 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDMS765030V0.99 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDMC801030V1.3 mΩPower 33DatasheetSamples
FDMS7656AS30V1.8 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
Mid Voltage
FDMS8350L40V0.85 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDMS86500L60V2.5 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDMS86181100V4.2 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDMS86101100V8 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
FDP075N15A_F102150V7.5 mΩTO-220 3LDatasheetSamples
FDMS86200150V18 mΩPower 56DatasheetSamples
High Voltage
FCH041N60E600V41 mΩTO-247 3LDatasheetSamples
FCPF600N60Z600V600 mΩTO-220F 3LDatasheetSamples
FCH072N60F600V72 mΩTO-247 3LDatasheetSamples
FCH47N60F_F133600V73 mΩTO-247 3LDatasheetSamples
FCPF400N80Z800V400 mΩTO-220F 3LDatasheetSamples

Why Choose Fairchild FETs

  • Power delivery solutions are part of Fairchild's core business and we have continuously delivered leading power semiconductors for more than 50 years.
  • Combined MOSFET and gate driver IP create application-optimized solutions that minimize both conversion and conduction losses associated with the overall system.
  • Ability to mix and match MOSFETs, controller and PWM driver IP with advanced processing and packaging capabilities to provide optimized component choices.
  • Our MOSFETs provide superior design reliability from reduced voltage spikes and overshoot, to lower junction capacitance and reverse recovery charge, to elimination of additional external components to keep systems up and running longer.
Application NoteDescription
AN-9008The Use of QFET® in Flyback Converter
AN-9013Reducing Switching Losses with QFET® in a Step-up Converter
AN-9015A180W, 100KHz Forward Converter Using QFET®
AN-9065FRFET® in Synchronous Rectification
AN-558Introduction to Power MOSFETs and their Applications
AN-9034Power MOSFET Avalanche Guideline
AN-9010MOSFET Basics
AN-7533A Revised MOSFET Model With Dynamic Temperature Compensation
AN-7510A New PSPICE Subcircuit for the Power MOSFET Featuring Global Temperature Options
AN-7515A Combined Single-Pulse and Repetitive UIS Rating System
AN-1032Performance Restrictions Associated with 3.5 Watts SO-8 Power MOSFETs
AN-1029Maximum Power Enhancement Techniques for SO-8 Power MOSFETs
AN-9068Gate Resistor Design Guidelines for SupreMOS®
AN-9067Analysis of MOSFET Failure Modes in LLC Resonant Converter
AN-5232New Generation Super-Junction MOSFETs, SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy Drive MOSFETs for High Efficiency and Lower Switching Noise
AN-5235650V Fast Recovery SuperFET® II MOSFET for High System Efficiency and Reliability in Resonant Topologies
AN-9066UniFET™ Optimized Switch for Discontinuous Current Mode Power Factor Correction
AN-7514Single-Pulse Unclamped Inductive Switching: A Rating System
AN-9757Determination of Maximum Current Rating for Low RDSON DPAK and D2PAK MOSFETs
AN-7536FCS Fast Body Diode MOSFET for Phase-Shifted ZVS PWM Full Bridge DC/DC Converter
AN-9055Assembly Guidelines for MicroFET™ 2x2 Dual Packaging
AN-5233Consideration of Power MOSFETs in Fast Charger Design
AN-7526Single Channel MicroFET™ 3x2 Power MOSFET Recommended Land Pattern and Thermal Performance
AN-9056Using Fairchild Semiconductor Dual Cool™ MOSFETs
AN-4158Symmetric Dual N-Channel Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFETs for Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter in Telecommunication Brick Module Application
AN-7532A New PSPICE Electro-Thermal Subcircuit For Power MOSFETs
AN-7534A New PSPICE Electro-Thermal Subcircuit For Power MOSFETs
AN-7004Power Converter Topology and MOSFET Selection for 48-V Telecom Applications
AN-4179High Voltage D2pak Package, PCB Layout Guide
AN-7017Reducing Power Losses in MOSFETs by Controlling Gate Parameters
AN-7517Practical Aspects of Using PowerMOS Transistors to Drive Inductive Loads
AN-6603A Linear Gain Controlled Amplifier
AN-6604JFET Circuit Applications
AN-7500Understanding Power MOSFETs
AN-6605Noise of Sources
AN-6606Simple VHF Analog Switches
AN-9014Fairchild QFET® for Synchronous Rectification DC to DC Converters
AN-4161Practical Considerations of Trench MOSFET Stability when Operating in Linear Mode
AN-7016The Road to 200 Ampere VRM
AN-7506Spicing-Up Spice II Software For Power MOSFET Modeling
AN-7502Power MOSFET Switching Waveforms: A New Insight
AN-6612A Novel JFET Micro-Power Voltage Regulator
AN-6607The Noise Figure Fallacy
AN-7018Segmented Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM) as a Solution for CPU Core Voltage
AN-6602Low Noise JFET – The Noise Problem Solver
AN-6611Binary/BCD Gain Programmed Amplifiers
AN-6609Selecting the Best JFET for Your Application
AN-6601Low Noise JFET Amplifiers
AN-7503The Application Of Conductivity-Modulated Field-Effect Transistors
AN-6610JFET Curve Tracer
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