PowerTrench® MOSFETs

PowerTrenchFairchild was an early pioneer of trench MOSFETs in the 1990s. Since then, we have been perfecting MOSFET technology and manufacturing to develop a large portfolio of thousands of products for use in any application. Fairchild’s PowerTrench® MOSFETs deliver best-in-class performance, improved FOM (figure of merit), and pin-to-pin compatibility for ease of use. Designers continue to choose our MOSFETs for high quality and reliability, design support, and consistent availability.

Our latest 100V PowerTrench® MOSFETs deliver the lowest RDSon and Qrr in the voltage class with the fastest reverse recovery to enable higher system efficiencies. The shielded-gate structure provides charge balance and soft body diode performance is able to eliminate snubber circuit or replace higher voltage-rated MOSFETs by minimizing undesirable voltage spikes in synchronous rectification. Fairchild PowerTrench MOSFETs provide designers the opportunity to significantly increase system efficiency and power density in synchronous rectification applications.

Part IDBVdss (V)RDSon at
10V (mΩ)
FDMS86181100V4.2 mΩPower 56PDFSamples

These MOSFETs are part of Fairchild's comprehensive portfolio that continue to offer designers a wide range of breakdown voltages (-500V to 1000V), state-of-the-art packaging and industry-leading FOM to deliver efficient power management anywhere electronic power conversion is needed.

PowerTrench® MOSFETs Product Selection

Features and Benefits

  • Low FOM RDSon*QG
  • Low reverse recovery charge, Qrr
  • Soft reverse recovery body diode
  • Enable highly efficient synchronous rectification
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • RoHS-compliant


  • Synchronous Rectification for AC/DC power supplies
  • Isolated DC/DC Converters
  • Battery chargers and battery protection circuits
  • DC motor drives
  • Micro solar inverters
  • UPS and battery backup