S1x Rectifiers

Increase System Power Efficiency Through Optimized Low Leakage Rectifiers

Among standard rectifiers, Fairchild Semiconductor's S1 family of 1A, P-I-N, SMA rectifiers stands out for its optimized low leakage, low capacitance, and fast response time. This performance was achieved while maintaining the industry-standard VF max of 1.1 V at 1A and a 30A surge rating. In today's world, where system power efficiency is a critical differentiating feature, the advantages of the S1x family of rectifiers can be leveraged to support those higher efficiency goals.


  • 1A IF(AV) current rating
  • Glass passivated
  • Low leakage:
    • 1 μA max at 25°C
    • 50 μA max at 125°C
  • Fast response: 1.8 μs (typical)
  • 30A surge rating
  • 50V to 1000V reverse voltage ratings
  • 6.6 pF typical capacitance
  • RohS-compliant
  • Traditional SMA (DO-214AC) package

Key Applications

  • 5-10 watt chargers and power supplies
  • LED lighting
  • 1N4001 to 1N4007 SMT replacements

Competitive Comparison

S1x Rectifiers Competitive Comparison Chart