Smart Power Stage

The smart power stage (SPS) module family is a next-generation, ultra-compact, integrated MOSFET plus driver power stage solution. This family leverages Fairchild’s DrMOS expertise to deliver high efficiency, high power density and high switching frequency in applications such as synchronous buck DC-DC converters in high-performance computing and telecom.

With an integrated approach, the complete switching power stage is optimized for driver and MOSFET dynamic performance, system inductance and power MOSFET RDS(ON). SPS modules use our high-performance PowerTrench® MOSFET technology to reduce ringing, eliminating the need for a snubber circuit in most buck converter applications.

Key Features

  • Ultra-compact 5 mm x 5 mm x 0.8 mm PQFN with Dual Cool™ packaging technology
  • Three-state 3.3 V PWM and 5 V PWM input gate driver
  • Integrated Zero Cross Detect (ZCD) circuitry for better light load efficiency
  • Dual-mode enable and catastrophic fault reporting pin
  • Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Optimized for switching frequencies, up to 2 MHz
  • Low shutdown current: <3 µA


  • Server and workstations
  • Telecom ASIC power
  • High-performance notebooks
  • Game consoles
  • POL modules

High Power Density Layout for 6-Phase Designs

High Power Density Layout for 6 Phase Designs

Typical Thermal Flow


Efficiency Comparison Chart


Part IDV IN (V)Max I OUT (A)IMVP8™PWM Input (V)DatasheetsSamples
FDMF30334.5 to 24605PDFSamples
FDMF30354.5 to 24505PDFSamples
FDMF58334.5 to 24505PDFSamples
FDMF30374.5 to 24355PDFSamples
FDMF58394.5 to 24355PDFSamples
FDMF5820T4.5 to 16603.3PDFSamples
FDMF5820DC4.5 to 16603.3PDFSamples
FDMF5821DC4.5 to 16605PDFSamples
FDMF5826DC4.5 to 16605PDFSamples
FDMF5822DC4.5 to 16553.3PDFSamples
FDMF5823DC4.5 to 16555PDFSamples